Quick post

Just a very quick post today. I’m feeling a bit bad cos I accidentally squashed my friend Milo – sorry Milo.


You see Milo is a bouncy 6month old puppy who I’ve played with a few times before. And last night we bumped into him on our evening walk. He was being really boisterous so we had a good wrestle. But I guess I must’ve rolled on him cos he cried out and when he got up he was limping.
Mummy apologised and we both felt awful. After a cuddle from his daddy he seemed ok and even tried to start playing with me again. But we thought he should take it easy and headed home.
I hope your leg’s ok Milo. I Promise not to squash on you next time!

Have you ever squashed anyone? Or been squashed?

Dance with Me

Just to remind you that I’m hosting the Sword Dancing event in Kyla’s Highland Games Pawty on the 27th October.


There are lots of events going on including the Caber Throwing over at Sammy’s and the Tug of Bean over at Easy’s pad. But there are many more, and you can find out the details over at Mollie’s.

A few of you seem confused about Sword dancing. It’s where people wear kilts (underwear optional) and dance around crossed swords. It’s not dangerous I promise!


It should be a really fun event and can’t wait to see what colour kilt you opt for.

If you want to join in, email me your pics (please make it clear who you are and include your blog address) to me at misadventuresofmisaki@yahoo.co.uk by the 25th October. And I’ll post them all on the 27th.

Don’t forget you can use http://pizap.com/ to edit photos, it’s free and you don’t have to download anything. But if you are having trouble, email me a headshot and I can put something together for you. Any questions, just let me know.

Evening walk

Luckily it was raining the other night so there were no fireworks going off and we went for our evening walk as usual.

Up until now I’ve had a charm on my collar that lights up in the dark, which is fine but you can only see it from the front. So mummy and daddy decided to try out an LED collar.  They weren’t sure if you’d be able to see it under my fur, so they just bought a cheap one from Ebay.

2014-10-12 20.26.27
2014-10-12 19.08.55

Sorry for the blurred pic, but you can see my collar really clearly don’t you think? It’s important to stay safe especially when it’s dark out. The street we live on isn’t well lit in the evenings and my collar really helps to alert people walking towards us that I’m there.

How do you stay safe on your evening walks?

WW: Pumpkin


Any ideas what I should carve in it?


Sword Dancing

As you’ve probably heard from Mollie, our current Pope Kyla is leaving Blogville to take her place over the rainbow bridge. And she’s going out with a bang!


There are loads of activities going on and I’m hosting the Sword Dancing! If you want to know more about sword dancing, you can find out here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_sword_dances


So let loose your inner Lord of the Dance and join me for a highland fling! If you want to join in, email me your pics (please make it clear who you are and include your blog address) to me at misadventuresofmisaki@yahoo.co.uk by the 25th October. And I’ll post them all on the 27th.

Don’t forget you can use http://pizap.com/ to edit photos, it’s free and you don’t have to download anything.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Early fireworks:-(

Now it’s October it seems to be fireworks season. Over the weekend there were loads going off in our neighbourhood. Mummy and daddy noticed that our local shops are selling them at ‘special rates’ and I guess instead of waiting till the Hindu festival of Diwali or Guy Fawkes Night, they’ve become impatient to let them off.

Mummy said she used to enjoy fireworks until I came along and now she dreads them. Although I don’t get too scared usually, I did get a little agitated mostly because hearing them go off stopped us from taking our evening walk, so we’ll have to make sure we go out earlier in the future, especially at the weekends.

On the plus side, I read this in our local paper:

harsh weather

At least that’s something to look forward to! Roll on snow, it’s way better than silly noisy fireworks.


Have you heard any fireworks in your area yet?

Windy trip to the beach

Yesterday mummy, daddy and I went to the beach. Mummy had planned out our journey in advance, trying to find a good sandy beach and checking the tide times so we could make the most of it.  We purposely went out of season so we could avoid any dog restrictions and sunbathers. Mummy was confident that we were going to have a fab time.

But it didn’t quite go to plan. When we arrived it was so windy I nearly got blown away! And secondly the tides were high – err mummy great research there! But we did manage to find a small patch of sandy beach which connected to an area of sea surrounded by some railings, presumably for kids to play in. Although it wasn’t deep enough to swim in, I was able to wade in it safely without getting dragged out to sea.

I tried to make a few friends but no one seemed that interested in playing with me. But we had a good time all the same.

Do you ever get to go to the beach?


Poppies (or was that puppies??)

Yesterday mummy went to see the poppies at the Tower of London. I thought she said puppies and got really excited. I thought I was getting a baby brother or sister and my tail started to wag big time. But no, it was just poppies. Not quite as exciting.

I’m sure most of you have heard about the poppies at the Tower, but if you want to find out more, you can read about them here: http://poppies.hrp.org.uk/

Here are a few photos she took:


The volunteers ‘planting’ the poppies

DSC03034 DSC03032

Mummy said it was truly an impressive site and if you live in the UK and have the opportunity to see them in the flesh (or should that be petal??) then definitely stop by, it’s a site worth seeing.

And for those of you hoping to see some puppies (like me!) this is for you:

trolley of huskies

New fence

Mummy has taken the week off to run some errands and catch up with friends spend time with me – yay! I’m so happy, especially as daddy is off for a couple of days too.

Today we got a new fence. Our old one was falling apart and although it had a great peep hole in it for me to look into our neighbour’s garden, apparently that’s not polite. So it had to go. Once it was delivered mummy and daddy had to slot the panels in place. I wasn’t allowed to help as daddy was afraid I’d show mummy up, so mummy got to be daddy’s inept helper.


Me checking our the old fence

Surprisingly enough they did manage to install it and daddy only has one bruise, which isn’t bad going.


I suppose this smells ok

Our new one is a bit taller than the old one and I’m worried it’s going to stop me from seeing what the neighbourhood cats are up to. Perhaps I can make a ladder out of the old fence?

How do you keep an eye on what your neighbours are doing?

Bella’s birthday

Today is my friend Bella’s 1st birthday. So here’s a little video of us playing together. Although I am at least twice her size I go easy on her and happily perform a few judo rolls to make her think she has the upperhand. She is a bit sneaky though and often goes for my collar and ruff, but I don’t mind, it is her birthday afterall:-)

This video also stars her daddy.

Have a good weekend everyone!


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