I had the most fantastic breakfast this morning, you can probably guess what it was 🙂 And this is how it happened.

Every morning Bella, my bestie, and I meet at 6.30am and take our peeps for their morning walk. It’s pretty dark so we wear lights on our collars and the peeps have torches. We have loads of fun together: we chase, we play, we wrestle and sometimes we just sniff.

The only downside is that most mornings we bump into a couple and their four dogs. These dogs aren’t friendly and we have had a few close calls, especially since neither they nor their peeps carry lights so they are difficult to see.

So this morning we decided to avoid them completely by taking our normal walk in reverse. This was fine until we got to the carpark. Usually I’m put on the lead to walk down the path alongside it as being so dark mummy worries about cars pulling in, its not usually busy but better to be safe than sorry. However, this morning mummy not thinking let me off as soon as we reached it. But as I trotted straight up the path she thought it would be OK. In the meantime Bella had sniffed out a box which smelt amazing. It was just lying there on the ground. But being good, she returned to her mummy when called.

But I soon got a whiff and decided to check it out. I managed to flip the lid up with my nose and a heavenly smell wafted over me. There it was: one slice of pizza all for me.


Bella may be my bestie but I don’t share food with anyone, so I gobbled it up in two glorious mouthfulls! I was still swallowing it when mummy finally caught up with me.

I was threatened with going with having to go on a diet, with never getting any treats, not being let of the lead again…but I wasn’t really listening as I was still in heaven after my wonderful morning treat. It was definitely worth it.

Did you get any yummy surprises for your breakfast?

Trip to Wales!

This weekend we went camping in Wales. On the way down it rained. Lots. So our journey looked like this:


Camping in the rain can be OK if you are prepared with extra towels and waterproofs etc, but putting the tent up in the rain is no fun at all. By the time we reached the campsite it had stopped raining luckily, but the ground was very muddy. Daddy was not impressed, and apparently didn’t appreciate my pawprints everywhere BOL. But lucky it soon started to dry up and once the tent was pitched, we took some lovely walks into the hills around the campsite. We also met up with mummy’s friend  auntie Ruthie and went to the top of Caerphilly mountain. Which is slightly cheating as you can drive most of the way to the top!

It was a shame it was such a brief trip as there was lots more to explore, but hopefully we can go back again soon. Here are a few photos from the walks we took 🙂

Did you have a nice weekend?

Friday is the best day of the week

After weeks and seemingly endless weeks of being kept in captivity like Rapunzel in the tower, the best thing that could possibly happen happened. OK I had to go through the indignity of having a bath (oh the horror!), but ultimately it was worth it:

The reason mummy is laughing is because I forgot to put on the brakes and crashed right into her.

Have a good day friday all!!


You may not believe it but I am still imprisoned – yes three weeks and counting:-( However, mummy has started taking me out at a more sociable time (although still on the lead down the cycle path). But this morning the best thing happened, we bumped into Bud: he is the wisest dog I know and seeing a friend has really cheered me up.

I met Bud when I was very little and first taken out for walkies. I was not impressed with the outside world, I would’ve much rather stayed inside with my toys. Mummy made me walk past scary noisy traffic, and I was sure one of those metal monsters was going to try to eat me! After a few minutes I couldn’t take it any longer and would stubbornly sit in the direction of home and refuse to move. She’d bribe me with treats, toys, encouraging words…but I would not be swayed – we mallies are known to be stubborn and strong-minded and I fully lived up to my breed-type! That is, until one day the most beautiful white German Shepherd I’d ever seen walked passed us with his human – it was Bud. He wasn’t phased by the traffic at all. And when I saw him I forgot to be scared, instead I decided to follow him in the hope that we could be friends! from then on everytime we went for walkies I would drag mummy down the road in the hope we would see him again. I must admit, I have a bit of a soft spot for Bud:-)

Seeing him today really made me smile and as he didn’t try to ‘get jiggy’ with me as mummy put it, she thinks my prison term maybe over very soon – hooray!

She did say something about freshening me up first. I hope that’s not a code word for bathtime!!!

last few days

I’ve had a strange few days, mostly because my human mummy has had something called a cold. It seems to involve her nose being wet, talking with a funny voice and making weird noises into tissues. The best thing about it is that she stayed home from work on friday, and we snuggled on the sofa together for most of the weekend<3 I hope she stays cold forever:-)

Then on saturday, the grass shrunk! I still don’t understand what happened to it, but my human daddy says with the amount of rain we have, it will soon grow back. Does that mean it fell out?? I’ll definitely have to keep an eye on that in future.

And yesterday, when my human mummy and I came back from our walk, we found ourselves locked out! She’d forgotten her keys and my daddy wasn’t answering the door. Would we have to live in a cardboard box?? Luckily after lots of knocking and calling, he finally answered. Apparently he’d fallen asleep! What a silly billy!

Today mummy went back to work:-( She still talks funny, but luckily my daddy is on holiday. He needs to wait in for the new dishwasher, which I find a bit offensive as I thought it was MY job to lick all the dishes…! Anyway, hopefully he won’t fall asleep and forget to feed me. Now that could be disastrous!


My human decided to take a ball along on our walk this morning. I thought this was quite sweet as it gives her something to do while I chase pigeons around the park. But the silly thing kept dropping the ball and looking at me as if she wanted me to pick it up for her. To be kind I did the first few times, and she was very grateful. But I really wanted to focus on the pigeons – I even got close a few times – so I couldn’t be bothered to keep retrieving her ball. I mean she wanted to take it along so she should hold on to it. Right?

Monster on the loose!

This morning I encountered a disturbing scene. While taking my human for her walk, we came across a metal monster with orange flashing eyes. It made the most awful sound, but worst of all, it was stealing from every front garden! Every house had a box outside, which was similar to the storage box my humans keep my food in. So I can only assume it was taking everyone’s food!! I was outraged! I tried to bark at it, but I wasn’t loud enough over its overwhelming din. Meanwhile my human looked on in confusion. I had to take charge, so I ran back to our house, taking her with me. But alas we were too late: our box had been taken too. I’ll have to be on my guard in case it comes round again, and next time I’ll be ready for it!!