Playing with Daddy

As you know, I’m a daddy’s girl and I love nothing better than some daddy-daughter playtime 🙂

Do you like playing with your daddy too?

A walk by the river

Keeping with our Sunday walk tradition, yesterday I took mummy and daddy for a walk by the river. We’ve had quite a bit of rain so the ice has all washed away, that means the ground is very wet and in places the river has burst its banks. It was still fun though. And I had a great time playing in the long grass, daddy said I was like a grass shark BOL.

I love my Sunday walks. I wonder where we’ll go next week?

Lovely lovely snow

Because of the snow I didn’t get to go to class today, I thought this was a lame excuse. But that’s humans for you! A tiny bit of snow and the world comes to a stop.

Instead I played in the snow all morning, it was super fun:-) Now I’m having a nice snooze on the sofa with mummy. We’re due for more snow tomorrow – yay!