Five and Sad

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, but today is my 5th birthday so I thought I would raise my head from my food bowl and say hello!

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I’m sad because its my birthday and daddy has had to go away for a few days. For some unknown reason couldn’t take me with him – so unfair! Of course mummy is here, but it’s not the same. I slept by the front door all night in the hope he would come home early, but he didn’t 😦

I’m also sad because this week as two blogging legends went over the bridge. My heart goes out to both Sammy’s and Easy’s families at this heartbreaking time. It was a pleasure to have known them both and I know they will be having a blast together, with Sammy teasing everyone and Easy getting up to crazy antics.

Please pop by Mollie’s blog as she is trying to help Easy’s family cover his medical bills, I know its a tough time of year for us all, but if you can help just a little it would be appreciated I know.

I hope you are all keeping well and I will try to blog again soon.

Love and licks


Old friends, bookends

I’ve heard some really sad news that I wanted to share. My friend and mentor Bud has died:-( I heard through another dog walker that he collapsed in the park last week. Unfortunately I don’t have his family’s contact details so can’t pass on my condolences, instead I’m sending a virtual hug to them. Run free Bud xxxxx

Bud was my first ever friend. He was a handsome white German Shepherd, very calm and gentle. He was a senior dog but still loved going for walks. And he always carried a ball in his mouth. Whenever I saw him I’d rush over and jump all over him. Although he didn’t want to play his tail would always wag in a loop when he saw me.

I’ve mentioned Bud in a few posts, but I think this one is my favourite:

I’m so sad that I only have the picture of Bud that I used in the post I mentioned above and it’s not a very flattering one. Although it is kinda funny I guess.


 ‘Preserve your memories, they’re all that’s left you’ – Simon and Garfunkel

Goodbye my friend, I’ll miss you xxx

National Pet Memorial day

I read on Oz‘s bloggy that today is National Pet Memorial day. So I thought I’d share some memories of mummy and daddy’s previous pets who are now running free over the bridge.

First of all this is a very young daddy with his Westie Kirsty.

2013-09-07 12.39.16Daddy’s most vivid memory of her was when he was hanging out with a friend in his room and Kirsty decided to poop on his bed lolololol! She had arthritis but lived to a good age though.

Meanwhile Mummy’s family had an assortment of  goldfish, hamsters, guinea pigs and even a tortoise over the years. But Mummy’s one true love (before me ofc) was her cat Figaro.

2013-09-07 12.42.12He and his brother Humphrey (my uncle Andrew’s cat) were mischief makers, pigeon chasers, frog catchers and just loved to play! There was never a dull moment when they were around. Sadly he didn’t live into old age but the time they had together was full of fun.

And lastly, this is Lilo the hamster.

2013-09-07 18.54.06She was mummy and daddy’s first joint pet. She was given to them by a friend who for various reasons couldn’t keep her. She was the perfect pet for them at the time as they lived in a small second-floor flat so didn’t really have room for a larger animal. They used to love watching her running round in her ball and crashing into the walls BOL

Thinking of them all today, they are fondly remembered and never forgotten xx

Thinking of Thunder

Gone but not forgotten


April 28, 2006 – July 1, 2013

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. “ – Anatole France

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Wordy Wednesday

Those of you on facebook will have seen this photo, so already know what happened last night!


Yes, the dreaded B word:-(

I refused to pose for any ‘drowned rat’ photos so this was the best mummy could take.


The best part about baths is the dry-off. Daddy and I have a play bull fight with the towel and that’s superfun:-)

When I was fully dry mummy said I was beautiful, all soft and floofy. So you know what I did this morning? Yep, I stomped through all the muddy patches in the stream hehehe! Check out my muddy paws:-)


On a more serious note, my heart goes out to the Woos as lovely Thunder is running free over the bridge. Love to you all xx


Also you may have heard that Savannah’s foster brother Leo is in need of a new home. Please help spread the word if you can. You can find out more here

leo's castle small

And lastly, today is the last day for submissions for my ball skills contest. See Mondays post for details. The voting starts tomorrow!

Sad news

Today is a sad day indeed and makes my current imprisonment pale considerably.

There has been a great loss to the bloggy community as both cute little Bingo from Hutch A Good Life, and the wise and dashing Zac the All Black have crossed over rainbow bridge.

My heart goes out to their families today. I’m sending big doggie kisses to Nibbles, Nutty & Buddy and also to Princess.

RIP Bingo and Zac, hope you both are running free over rainbow bridge together xxx