I had the most fantastic breakfast this morning, you can probably guess what it was 🙂 And this is how it happened.

Every morning Bella, my bestie, and I meet at 6.30am and take our peeps for their morning walk. It’s pretty dark so we wear lights on our collars and the peeps have torches. We have loads of fun together: we chase, we play, we wrestle and sometimes we just sniff.

The only downside is that most mornings we bump into a couple and their four dogs. These dogs aren’t friendly and we have had a few close calls, especially since neither they nor their peeps carry lights so they are difficult to see.

So this morning we decided to avoid them completely by taking our normal walk in reverse. This was fine until we got to the carpark. Usually I’m put on the lead to walk down the path alongside it as being so dark mummy worries about cars pulling in, its not usually busy but better to be safe than sorry. However, this morning mummy not thinking let me off as soon as we reached it. But as I trotted straight up the path she thought it would be OK. In the meantime Bella had sniffed out a box which smelt amazing. It was just lying there on the ground. But being good, she returned to her mummy when called.

But I soon got a whiff and decided to check it out. I managed to flip the lid up with my nose and a heavenly smell wafted over me. There it was: one slice of pizza all for me.


Bella may be my bestie but I don’t share food with anyone, so I gobbled it up in two glorious mouthfulls! I was still swallowing it when mummy finally caught up with me.

I was threatened with going with having to go on a diet, with never getting any treats, not being let of the lead again…but I wasn’t really listening as I was still in heaven after my wonderful morning treat. It was definitely worth it.

Did you get any yummy surprises for your breakfast?

Fun Pet Food Labels

Today I have a fun guest post from – Enjoy!

Pet food

Fun Pet Food Labels for Decorating Your Fluffy Friend’s Food Canisters

We consider our pets equal members of our family. Since we are doing many things together, such as going for a walk to the park, watching TV, jogging, sleeping, going to vacations etc., they deserve the best care. When it comes to preparing food, we are making the same effort for theirs as we are for our own meals, since food plays a very important role in maintaining a healthy life. We choose the best foods rich in protein, vitamins and other ingredients that are good for their development, and we even cook for them. After all, food is one of the ways that can make them feel like home.

However, keeping our pets’ food fresh and organized can sometimes be quite complicated. Since their food usually comes in enormously big packaging, we are constantly trying to think of good and handy storage solutions. Placing pet food bags in the kitchen might cause a mess. The lack of some kind of cover or lid on the bag may result in wasting the healthy food ingredients and spilling out food. The best way to prevent this and organize our pet food is to store it in some kind of storage containers or a plastic boxes. Still, we have to mark the container in some way to make it recognizable. We have a fun and handy tip for adapting and decorating the containers. For this mini project we’ll need:

Instructions for use:

Simply download the labels, print them out and apply them on the canister you chose to use to store your pet food. They will make the canisters look cute and amusing, so you can place them in the kitchen, in the pantry or anywhere else in the house. You will no longer have half-eaten packets lying around the kitchen, and preparing food for ALL members of the family will be fun and easy.

Thanks for sharing! You can find out more at


Forgetful Thursday

Mummy  ‘forgot’ to put up my Wordless Wednesday post yesterday! I really wonder about her sometimes. It was going to be a pic of me laughing:

2014-08-09 21.44.36

Then you know what else happened?? They forgot my dinner – can you believe it!!! Mummy was sorting out some washing and daddy was making their dinner and they both thought the other had fed me. I tried to make it clear I was hungry but they both thought I wanted a walk, so started to get themselves ready to go out. It was only that at the last minute mummy thought to check with daddy that they realised that I was literally starving!

I guess it was fitting that my photo of mummy eating MY treats won Bacon and Fozzie mum’s Spies Like Us Contest!


I need to watch out otherwise she’ll be eating my food next!

Spoiled? Not likely!

I’m often accused of being spoiled. Yes, I find it hard to believe too! Apparently I have too many toys (debatable), I get too many cuddles and bellyrubs (is that even possible??) and too many treats (NEVER!!).

But the thing is, if I’m soooo spoiled and well-loved, then I’d like to know how you intend to feed me, cos my food box is almost empty and there’s not a bag in sight.

2013-10-16 19.25.18

The dregs in my food box

I hope I’m not expected to starve?? Oh the horror. I think its time to engage the puppydog eyes.

2013-10-15 20.54.05

Daddy I’m sooo hungry…feed me!

After what felt like 87 millions hours daddy finally went out to the car and brought back a new bag of food – yay! You had me worried there for a while.

2013-10-18 18.36.26OK maybe I’m a tiny bit spoiled 🙂

What did you have for your dinner today?