AKA Sandwich Stealer

On Friday daddy made mummy me a nice ham and cheese sandwich for lunch.


He left it on top of mummy’s bag which was on the floor. Clearly he meant it for me and not for her. So while she went for her shower, I decided to have my lunch for breakfast, it looked far yummier than my boring kibble. I took the sandwich into the garden so I didn’t leave any crumbs on the carpet and carefully unwrapped the foil. As suspected it tasted very nice so it gobbled it down:-)

When mummy reappeared she seemed surprised I had eaten it and acted like it was hers. Ever since she’s been calling me the sandwich stealer – how rude it that! It was MY sandwich afterall. And I was thoughtful enough to leave behind the foil so it could be reused, who could ask for more??

Peeps are so unreasonable at times!

Have you ever been unjustly accused?

Sunday lunch

OK I know it’s Monday, but yesterday we went out for Sunday lunch with Nanny and Grampy. The great thing is our local pub is dog friendly, so I got to go too:-)

I tried to help nanny with her dinner, but she said she could manage it herself:-(

2015-04-26 13.24.19

Just to remind you I’m here to help out if you need me!

Thankfully Daddy was more accommodating

2015-04-26 13.38.43

I hate being left behind so it was great to join them, even if I did spend most of it having to watch them eat.

While nanny was here, she gave me one of mummy’s old toys. He’s a one-armed squeaky bunny. Nanny is clearing out some of mummy and her brother’s old toys to give to my new baby cousin, but this bunny didn’t make the grade. I don’t mind him being a hand-me-down, I’ve been having loads of fun playing with him. Can you tell?

2015-04-26 20.20.30

Mummy is wondering how long he’ll keep his other arm lol.

Did you have a good weekend?



No lunch???

Currently I have three rather meagre meals a day.  So it is often necessary to supplement my intake with bonios, bananas, chicken, bread … and well anything I can find lying around unguarded or can beg from other dog walkers in the park. I’ve even been known to eat bread left out for the birds – yes that’s how bad it is!! When my mummy leaves in the morning she always fills my kong and does hide the odd small treat around, but that barely gets me through till lunchtime. And don’t even talk to me about the afternoon food gap!

But now that I am big, aka 8 months old, they have decided that I can do without lunch!!!! Oh the horror!!!! My morning and evening meals have increased slightly but seriously mummy and daddy are you trying to starve me?? It won’t be long till I’m a skeleton and look like this:

Scraps corpsebride4.jpg

This is how I will look soon 😦

I feel a bit faint, the shock is too much. Think I’d better lie down, my blood sugar levels are low…