Five and Sad

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, but today is my 5th birthday so I thought I would raise my head from my food bowl and say hello!

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I’m sad because its my birthday and daddy has had to go away for a few days. For some unknown reason couldn’t take me with him – so unfair! Of course mummy is here, but it’s not the same. I slept by the front door all night in the hope he would come home early, but he didn’t 😦

I’m also sad because this week as two blogging legends went over the bridge. My heart goes out to both Sammy’s and Easy’s families at this heartbreaking time. It was a pleasure to have known them both and I know they will be having a blast together, with Sammy teasing everyone and Easy getting up to crazy antics.

Please pop by Mollie’s blog as she is trying to help Easy’s family cover his medical bills, I know its a tough time of year for us all, but if you can help just a little it would be appreciated I know.

I hope you are all keeping well and I will try to blog again soon.

Love and licks



Can you believe that mummy forgot my bloggversary?? Well she did! It was this weekend and she only just saw the notification from WP to remind us. So happy belated bloggyversary to me!

Thanks to you all for sticking with me, I really appreciate it. I’ve made some lovely friends over the past two years and hope you’ll hang around for more misadventures and fun.

thank you love misaki

I hope to bring you some more mini me adventures soon, a food review of something yummy I’ve just discovered and probably lots more pictures of me:-) Well technically there might be less of me as I’m blowing my coat atm BOL.

I thought it would be funny to take a look at some of the search terms that people use to find my blog. Most of these are quite obvious: ‘funny malamute pictures’ and ‘fox poo’ seem to come up alot. But some of the weirder ones include:

  • zombie husky
  • xxxxxf
  • out of office process
  • siberian cat.xxxx
  • zombie goose
  • examples of confusing emails
  • she unread my message my reply
  • eggs on your haed (sic)
  • grand chariot doppelganger figurines

So apparently I’m associated with zombies and bad emails. Zombie emails ftw \o/

Have a great day. Treats all round 🙂

WW: Blogging


it sure is tiring work!

Email confusion

Whenever mummy has an idea on a Friday, it is usually a bad one. In theory it’s sound, but somehow the execution becomes overcomplicated.

A prime example of this is that on Friday just gone, mummy decided that I should have my own email address. Partly because I don’t use WP or Google reader and instead rely on email subscriptions to keep up to date with everyone. But (despite applying various filters) they were getting muddled with her personal emails. So she created me a nice new one and updated my WordPress details.

In theory this is a GREAT idea as she’ll feel more comfortable giving out the new address for competitions etc without the faff of adding extra gaps in the address or playing ‘guess the symbol’! But she hadn’t considered the consequences of this: now she has to check two email accounts as she’s still subscribed to some blogs with her address and others with mine. Most of my comments are going straight into people’s spam folders and overall mummy is very confused and thinks she should’ve left well enough alone!

fed up of mummy moaning!

I hope she figures it all out soon so she can stop moaning and normal service (bellyrubs, ear scratching etc) can continue !! In the meantime, should you need it, my new email address is: 🙂

Have a good moan-free monday!