Five and Sad

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, but today is my 5th birthday so I thought I would raise my head from my food bowl and say hello!

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I’m sad because its my birthday and daddy has had to go away for a few days. For some unknown reason couldn’t take me with him – so unfair! Of course mummy is here, but it’s not the same. I slept by the front door all night in the hope he would come home early, but he didn’t šŸ˜¦

I’m also sad because this week as two blogging legends went over the bridge. My heart goes out to both Sammy’s and Easy’s families at this heartbreaking time. It was a pleasure to have known them both and I know they will be having a blast together, with Sammy teasing everyone and Easy getting up to crazy antics.

Please pop by Mollie’s blog as she is trying to help Easy’s family cover his medical bills, I know its a tough time of year for us all, but if you can help just a little it would be appreciated I know.

I hope you are all keeping well and I will try to blog again soon.

Love and licks


24 Comments on “Five and Sad”

  1. rumpydog says:

    Happy birthday! Though all is not as we wish today, you are well-loved and you will have your Daddy home soon! Hope you get lots of cookies!

  2. cecilia07 says:

    Sweet friend we have missed you. And we do so feel your sad for Easy and Sammy.
    We hope you and mom have some fun and before you know it Dad will be home.
    Hugs madi your bfff and mom

  3. cecilia07 says:

    PS Misaki…happy happy 5th barkday
    Kitty kisses madi

  4. Oh wow, wag wag wag, so good to see you and a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. It’ll be all the sweeter when your daddy returns and you can celebrate all over again. ā¤

  5. Piglove says:

    We have missed you sweet friend. Happy Birthday!! XOXO – Bacon

  6. So nice to see you, M. Happy Birthday! You don’t look a day over 4. Wait. You ARE a day over 4, so that works out perfectly. We are also sad about our bloggy friends, and did a donation for Easy’s family. Hope your daddy is home soon. With presents. And cookies.

    Love and licks,

  7. Emmadog says:

    Good to hear from you, buddy! It seems like all our UK friends have disappeared lately. We are so sad about Easy, and did help him out a bit. A big bill is not what the family needs right now.

  8. Marty the Manx says:

    Happy 5th Barkday MisakiI It has been a rough week losing Easy and Sammy, but seeing you makes it a little sweeter šŸ™‚ Hope Mommie spoils you rotten today!

  9. kolytyi says:

    Happy-happy Barkday, Misaki! Your dad has to bring you at least a dinosaur bone in order to atone for his unauthorized absence!

  10. Happy Birthday and welcome back. We too, have missed you.

  11. speedyrabbit says:

    Happy Birthday Misaki,sad week for everyone,xx Speedy

  12. HEY GURL!!!! It’s good to see you! YOu look FABulous BTW! I’m sorry your Pops left you all alone with your Moms..hehehe I knows ~ the male peeps are just more generous with the foodables! BOL Happy Happy Happy Burthday!!!!! WoooHoooo!
    Yes, it’s a very sad week for Blogville….
    Ruby ā™„

  13. Ann Staub says:

    Miss you Misaki and Happy Birthday!

  14. carraig1 says:

    Grady wants to know if there will be cake šŸ™‚

  15. The OP Pack says:

    Good to see you here today, Misaki. Happy Birthday to you – five is great!!! We have had a lot of changes here too since you last blogged. But all is good.

    Woos – Lightning and Misty

  16. Happy barkday to youuuuuuuuuuuu!!! I miss seeing you, Misaki, and I’m so sad that you had to blog about being sad! I hope your daddy is home soon — and with treats!

  17. gentlestitches says:

    Happy Birthday and you are looking good! It has been a hard week for sure!

  18. don’t be sad Misaki… it is your birthday and we should enjoy all this special moments like barkdays or christmas or ever day. Happy Birthday!!!

  19. ATCAD says:

    Happy Birthday and we hope your Daddy comes home soon. It was good to hear from you. We are sad about Easy and Sammy too. We will miss them so much, but we know they are having fun together.

  20. Kismet says:

    We may have lost Easy and Sammy but we regained Misaki.

  21. Happy Birthday Misaki! Sad to have lost these friends but great to hear from you.

  22. We’ve missed you! Happy Birthday! Easy and Sammy would want you to celebrate. It’s hard, I know. Can’t believe they’re gone. Sigh.

  23. huskies622 says:

    A very belated happy birthday! We are so happy to see you!

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