Playing with Daddy

As you know, I’m a daddy’s girl and I love nothing better than some daddy-daughter playtime 🙂

Do you like playing with your daddy too?

Failed rabbit hunt

Daddy can’t stop laughing at me for not catching this rabbit. But it’s not about the catching, it’s about the chase! Don’t you agree?


I haven’t been around for ages as mummy has been distracted with my baby cousin (her nephew) and hasn’t had time to help with my bloggy at all. Neglected doggy over here!

We did take a trip to the river the other day and I had an encounter with a balloon. I wasn’t sure what to make of it at all!

Do you like balloons?

Failed Squiggle hunt

Sorry I haven’t been around that much of late. But I’m back and what better way to celebrate it with than one of mummy’s dodgy videos of me.

Mummy says it’s a failed squiggle hunt, but I call it an exercise in restraint and focus 🙂

Did you chase any squiggles today?

Fun with Dottie

I finally got the video uploaded! Yay!

This was actually taken before Christmas but I hadn’t had a chance to do anything with it. You’ll notice that Dottie is wearing a muzzle, this is because she has a bad habit of eating things she shouldn’t. I did offer her my paw a few times to help her take it off BOL

Did you play with any friends today?

Missing video

Today’s post was supposed to be a video of me playing with my friend Dottie. But it wouldn’t upload to Youtube so I’ll have to post it tomorrow instead.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of me waiting for the video to upload. I sat like this quite a while BOL.

2015-01-11 22.22.21

Did you have a good weekend?

Bella’s birthday

Today is my friend Bella’s 1st birthday. So here’s a little video of us playing together. Although I am at least twice her size I go easy on her and happily perform a few judo rolls to make her think she has the upperhand. She is a bit sneaky though and often goes for my collar and ruff, but I don’t mind, it is her birthday afterall:-)

This video also stars her daddy.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Happy 2: Dog Days

I was recently contacted by Canines for Service and asked to share the below video to raise awareness. Hope you enjoy it and feel free to share too:

More info about the video: The brainchild of two local photographers/videographers, “Happy2” includes guest appearances by actors Britt Robertson and Scott Eastwood — the son of Clint Eastwood — and aims to support Canines for Service, an organization committed to providing service dogs for people with disabilities.
For nearly 20 years, Canines for Service has helped people with disabilities live with greater independence. The organization helps select and train dogs for service. The director and producer of the video wanted to highlight the contributions the nonprofit organization makes and the powerful work that they do (

WW: Pouncing


Head Massage fail

A few months ago you may have seen the video of the husky getting  a head massage. If not, you can see it here

So mummy thought I might like a massage too. She was hoping my video would also go viral and I’d be famous. Oh mummy, you dreamer! You didn’t really think I was going to co-operate did you?? BOL at you!

Have you ever had a head massage?