Five and Sad

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, but today is my 5th birthday so I thought I would raise my head from my food bowl and say hello!

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I’m sad because its my birthday and daddy has had to go away for a few days. For some unknown reason couldn’t take me with him – so unfair! Of course mummy is here, but it’s not the same. I slept by the front door all night in the hope he would come home early, but he didn’t 😦

I’m also sad because this week as two blogging legends went over the bridge. My heart goes out to both Sammy’s and Easy’s families at this heartbreaking time. It was a pleasure to have known them both and I know they will be having a blast together, with Sammy teasing everyone and Easy getting up to crazy antics.

Please pop by Mollie’s blog as she is trying to help Easy’s family cover his medical bills, I know its a tough time of year for us all, but if you can help just a little it would be appreciated I know.

I hope you are all keeping well and I will try to blog again soon.

Love and licks


birthday cards

Thank you all so much for your birthday wishes yesterday. I had a lovely day and wanted to share some of the cards I got. This one was from Sammy


And this one was from Dante


And this one from My Three Moggies

3 moggies

And one from the Fozzie‘s too:-)

I had a nice veggie bone thingy, an epic game of tug of war with daddy, and loads of bellyrubs in the evening.


Birthdays are fab aren’t they:-) No sign of that car yet though…

Double celebrations!

Today is a special day for two reasons, the first is that my daddy has a new job and he starts today. Good luck Daddy!

And the other thing is that it’s my second birthday!! Can you believe I’m 2 already?

2 today

To mummy and daddy I still look like this:

2 five weeks

But really I look like this:

2012-09-28 18.08.36


I hope being 2 doesn’t mean I have to act my age or anything silly like that. Not sure I’m ready to grow up just yet.
I can’t wait to see what they got me for my birthday, maybe it’s a car! Though not sure it would fit on top of the freezer hmm….

In the meantime I’m heading over to Mollie’s for a little part-ay



Fancy joining us for a pupcake or two?

2013-02-05 21.41.46


Also, don’t forget to enter Doggy’s ‘I can’t believe it contest’ there’s a rather interesting prize up for grabs lol