One-Wing Alfie

I am deeply saddened by the news that Alfie as in one half of Mollie and Alfie is no longer with us.

Alfie one-wing

Alfie One-Wing

Knowing Alfie as we do, I doubt it’s the last we’ve heard from him. Even so I’m sending lots of love and hugs to Mollie and her family at this sad time. I hope you will too xx

New Bandana

When mummy was little she was crazy about the Muppets, and Fozzie bear has always been her favourite character, so when she saw the below bandana on Mollie’s Etsy page she just had to buy one:



Looking good, right? Now the big question is, does Fozzie approve?


I think he looks pretty happy with it, don’t you?

Mollie has loads of lovely things on her site, so if you get a chance do pop by as you might find some early christmas presents:-)


While looking through the photos on mummy’s phone I discovered that daddy has betrayed me. And not with just anyone, with Alfie as in Mollie‘s kitty brother!!!

2015-01-17 22.13.13

How rude is that! I gather they spent alot of time sitting like this.

And apparently mummy was playing fetch with Mollie.

2015-01-17 16.46.55

I gather the rest of the time was spent doing some of this:

2015-01-17 21.01.45

All in all, it sounds like they had a good time without me:-( How unfair that I got left behind.

Have your peeps ever betrayed you?


Meeting up with Mollie

This weekend mummy, daddy and I took a trip to see my bestie Mollie🙂

We had a lovely walk to the beach where Mollie showed off her swimming skills. I wasn’t too sure about the waves so only paddled my feet. Daddy decided to show me how it’s done and went for full immersion! Only he forgot that his phone was in his pocket and it drowned – whoops

After that we took a walk to a french market were we took in all the smells and I tried to get daddy to buy me some smelly cheese.

Then we headed back to Mollie’s where I was hoping to play chase with Alfie, but he wasn’t interested.

The evening ended with the two mummy’s on the sambuca giggling away while the two daddy’s chatted and watched TV.

Thanks for a lovely day Mollie, hope we get to meet up again soon.