Yoo-hoo Award

Thanks so much to both Sammy and Pawedblog for the Yoo-hoo award! Edit: And I’ve just received it from my husky cousins over at Love is being owned by a husky! Thank you too!


Rules of this one are:

Post and thank the person nominating you!

Visit three of the blogs who received the award along with you when you were nominated!

Tell three things you have to celebrate/are thankful for!

Pass award to SEVEN bloggers!

SO, in accordance with the above thank you Sammy and Pawedblog. I think I’ve visited 3 of the blogs you nominated.

The three things I have to celebrate or are thankful for are:

1.  Food – OK sometimes it’s measley but I guess I’m lucky to get regular meals and the very occasional treat.

2.  Daddy – I am a true daddy’s girl and I love wrestling and playing with him. Mummy’s ok, but daddy’s the best!

3.  Friends – both the ones I play in the park with and the ones I’m friends with online. You guys are the best!

My SEVEN nominees are:

Lessons with Oscar

Marty the Manx

Scottie Chronicles

Dante Diaries

My Three Moggies


The Dougall Diaries

If you don’t already read their bloggies please do pop by and say hi.

We have intruders staying so I’m getting in the way helping mummy clean up and sitting on the sheets making the bed in the spare room. I know she really appreciates having me around at times like this. What are you up to this weekend?