WW: Swimming



Paddling pool fun

As we’re paws-deep in summer, our park has opened up the paddling pool. Dogs aren’t really allowed but we passed it early in the morning and I took a sneaky dip.

It’s a bit of a shame that there was so much rubbish about and that things had been left in the water. I wouldn’t have minded if there had been food left out lol.



2014-07-24 06.46.32

Hope you’re all keeping cool.

WW: Water play

2014-06-29 11.03.21


Fun in the pond

I didn’t go anywhere new for a Sunday walk today. It was really warm so we decided to avoid our park as it would be full of kids and fair-weathered dog walkers. Instead we went to Pish park where I’ve been to before with my friend Lady.

We had a lovely walk, even though two separate dogs had a go at me. Not sure what I did to provoke it, I guess some dogs just aren’t that friendly. Luckily I’m a pretty chilled gal and I literally turned the other cheek and moved on. Mummy said it was their loss.

Mummy didn’t take any pics, but she did video me having some fun in the pond. It was lovely to cool down and I surprised them by retrieving a stick from the water:-)

Did you enjoy the weather this weekend?

SW: furry terrorist

Daddy was supposed to be going out today but he was tired and instead decided to stay home and have a lie-in. Now the thing is I don’t understand the term ‘lie-in’ so I woke him and mummy up nice and early so we could go for a good walkie. He said I was a furry terrorist hehehe.

We just went to the park I usually go to with my buddy Lady. The last time I went I met two leonbergers and I was hoping I’d see them so we could have a good play together. But I didn’t see any buddies today, only cows BOL. Instead I had a good romp about in the pond and did some water zoomies:-)

Now we’re home its time for a good snooze. Humans have their priorities wrong, how can you enjoy a good sleep without a nice walkie first?

Did you have a good walk today?


sundya walks

Water fun

In our park there’s a large paddling pool, but its never had any water in it. Until now! Because of the hot weather its been opened for the summer:-) Our local paper said its open from 10am but there’s no barrier or gate around it so mummy and I went to check it out the other morning. She thought they might drain it in the evenings, but there was still water in it and there was no one about. How cool is that:-)

2013-07-22 07.27.33

I had a lovely splash about

2013-07-22 07.26.512013-07-22 07.26.37I did some water zoomies and I also drank half the pool hehehe:

I hope its going to be around all summer!

Shake / wordless wednesday


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Yesterday I met up with my friend Lady and we had a lovely walk together. It was quite warm, around 20°c, which is the hottest its been so far this year. But luckily there were plenty of places we could take a dip to cool down.

As well as splashing around in the pond and the river, we chased a pheasant but mummy failed to take a photo – I seriously need a new photographer!

But most of all we got good and tangled several times hehehehe! That’s definitely one of the best parts of being on long leads:-)