Meeting my baby cousin

Hey all, how was your weekend?

I spent yesterday getting to know my baby cousin. I loved every minute of it, cos for some reason I got even more cuddles, belly rubs and praise than normal. It seemed like everytime nanny or mummy held him, I got extra attention from grampy. We even took a nice walk, and I got to make some new friends . It was a win-win. I did run and hide when he started crying though, I couldn’t handle that!


All in all it was a good day:-) Did you make any new friends this weekend?

WW: Autumn leaves

2014-10-26 09.22.05

SW: Hatfield Forest

Today we headed out early and met my friend Lady for a walk in Hatfield Forest. This forest is pretty vast, it’s not somewhere we’ve been before and it will certainly take a few return visits to explore it all. We found sheep, chased bunnies (or they may have been hares) and saw some deer (wanted to chase those too!). But most of all there were lots of muddy puddles:-)


sundya walks

Lots going on

While mummy has been battling with London transport during the tube strike, Daddy and I have been in training for our walk on Sunday. You may remember that I’m taking part in the Winter Walkies which is a sponsored dog walk to raise money for a local hospice. It’s only 5km which is just a walk round the park for me, but mummy and daddy are pretty unfit and I’m worried they won’t be able to keep up. I do like to be in front so they might need to wear roller skates lol.


racing to the finish line!!

I’m super excited as some of my friends from class are doing it too and as I haven’t been to class for ages (whoops!) I can’t wait to catch up with them all. I have a justgiving page set up and there is also a link on my sidebar, in case anyone would like to sponsor me. But please don’t feel obliged to.

My mini-me is also attempting to train for the mini-me olympics, but she’s struggling to get in the zone without any snow. I know how she feels! So Daddy and I are going to watch Cool Runnings with her later and maybe that will help her find her mojo!

In the meantime I’ve been given this lovely award from Nylablue. Isn’t it pretty! Thank you NB xxx


I’m supposed to pass this on to 8 people, but I can’t decide who. So I’m giving it to you all 🙂

Have a great Thursday xx


I had planned to tell you about some water fun I had in the park yesterday.  But this morning we had the most incredible thunderstorm and I couldn’t not mention it.

I woke mummy at 5.30am to ask her what all the noise was about. She said the clouds were playing a noisy game of bitey face and was nothing to worry about. I decided to sleep on the bed anyway,  you know just incase mummy  got scared.

At 7am when we were due to head out for our walk the rain started getting heavier so out came mummy’s wellies and we set off. The rain was torrential and within moments we were both soaked. And then there was a flash of lightning.  Within seconds there was the loudest crash of thunder I’ve ever heard. I admit I freaked a little but mummy stayed calm and told me all was fine so I settled down. But really her heart was racing and she realised this had been a bad idea. She was worried I’d pick up on her nerves so we started to head home but the thunder was following us!

We’d only been out for 20mins but by the time we got back we both looked like drowned rats. Mummy decided to let the rain subside and then we’d head out again. But it was hammering against the windows and the thunder kept crashing. I wondered if it wanted to come in so I went to the front door but mummy said it liked being out in the rain.

Mummy put the tv on to drown out the sound and we played with my ball for a bit. Eventually I guess the clouds got bored of their game and it stopped, so we headed back to the park to finish my walk. Lots of other dog walkers had the same idea and everyone commented on the storm. One dog had got so upset she had to have a tranquilizer. I’m glad I wasn’t that bad.

The naughty storm has made mummy late for work, partly due to our late walk and partly because of signalling problems on the line. I hope it doesn’t come back anytime soon.

Did you have a storm this morning? And if so did you get scared?


Today I met up with mummy’s friend K and her dog Toby. He’s a chew toy Chihuahua. Mummy wasn’t sure how it would go and said I had to be on my bestest behaviour. Mostly because Toby doesn’t socialise with other dogs much and also because he barks ALOT. And as I rarely bark, sometimes I get freaked out by vocal dogs.

2013-04-20 09.54.25

can you guess which one is me bol

But overall it went well, we didn’t actual wrestle, although I would’ve liked to, but I did show him round my park and introduced him to a few friends.

2013-04-20 11.33.26

me, K and Toby

Afterwards they came back to ours for a bit. Mummy said I was good for not making a fuss about letting him in. He growled at me a few times but mummy said not to take it personally, he was obviously a bit nervous.  And I didn’t mistake him for a toy, so all went well:-)

Although it was fun, I’m meeting up with my friend Lady tomorrow for a proper romp about:-)