Wagg Review

The lovely Dalton at Wagg asked me if I’d like to review their new dog food, Kennel Beef and Veg. I was happy to do so as you know I love food! It’s a dry kibble  aimed at working or active dogs. Although I don’t have a job yet I am still hopeful of a place on Santa’s sleigh team. And I figured eating this food might help my chances:-)

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First of all, the technical stuff. It contains:

  • 22% protein
  • Vitamins A, C and E to aid the immune system and vitamin B to support the nervous system.
  • MOS which is a prebiotic to maintain a healthy gut
  • Yucca to reduce odours from flatulence (Perhaps I should give some to daddy BOL).
  • Omega 6 & 3 fats to help support a healthy, supple skin and glossy coat
  • No artificial colours or flavours

The packaging is clear with all ingredients and important info listed without the use of a magnifying glass.

I ate the food over a few days, just to make sure it agreed with me, and all was fine in that dept.

But the real question is did I like it? Yes. Although mummy always puts my food down at 6.30am, I tend to only eat half of it or save it completely so I can have it when I come back from our morning walk. I ate the Wagg food before my walk. Which means I really liked it!


Paws up if you like Wagg

Wagg Kennel Beef and Veg is currently available through Wilkinson and soon to be available through Asda and Tesco.  It’s not suitable for dogs who have and intolerance to wheat or maize.

Wagg provided me with one bag of dog food for review, but did not otherwise compensate me for this post. The views and opinions expressed in this post and on this blog are entirely my own.

Dog biscuit heaven

Mummy has been so slack helping me with my bloggy but I hope to get round to visit everyone today.  Before I start, I quickly wanted to tell you about something pawesome that happened last night.

As you know mummy hides all the good stuff on top of the freezer, and balancing precariously on top was an open box of Wagg’mms biscuits (liver flavour, my favourite). Anyway, she opened the freezer door and down they tumbled.  It literally rained dog biscuits:-) And then it became a race of how quickly we could pick them up. But as I don’t have thumbs I had to use my mouth hehehe.  I think I won *burp*.

Things went downhill later on though as mummy and daddy  decided to watch a film in bed on the laptop. Apparently I was in the way of the screen though so they turned it into a dog top:

I don't think so

Aren’t they meanies!?

Anyway have a great friday all.

Its all gravy

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The lovely Dalton at Wagg dog food has sent me some gravy to review. Its hard to be objective about this because I have had their gravy before and already know I like it. A few months ago I had a brief stint of being fussy about my kibble, as incredible as that sounds. Having just bought two large bags of food for me they were reluctant to waste their money by having to replace them, so instead they got me some gravy. It worked. I really enjoyed it and most of all it stopped any fussiness on my part. Mummy and daddy have since changed my food and although I haven’t had to use the gravy for the same reason, its still very yummy and they add it to my dinner every now and again as a treat.

So I guess the first thing I can talk about is the packaging. There’s nothing wrong with the old carton as you can see, but the new one is more fun and ties in with the look of Wagg mmms biscuits.

Its pretty easy to make up, you just add hot water and stir, then add some cold water to cool it down.


You then pour over your dinner.


A tip: best to do this on the kitchen counter rather on the floor – mummy made this mistake and before she knew it I had my head in the jug as she was pouring it out!

The proof is in the tasting, so here we go!


Nom nom. I definitely give Wagg gravy high paws.

I thought I’d tie this review into the Tasty Tuesday bloghop!