The last couple of days have been absolutely heavenly. Not only have the weather gods sent lots of lovely white stuff my way, but my good friend Easy shipped some of his to me too! So we’ve had a plethora (VBP) of snow. How sweet is that?

snow from Easy

Last night I bumped into my friend Sebastian in the park, he’s a Landseer which is like a Newfoundland. He’s a couple of months younger than me but much bigger. I didn’t used to like him as he’d bark at me to entice (VBP) me to play with him. As I don’t bark often myself I always get a bit freaked when other dogs bark at me and am never quite sure how to respond. But yesterday he didn’t and we had a good wrestle. Mummy didn’t take the camera so I don’t have any pictures, but it was loads of fun, especially since he was the one who kept ending up in the snow BOL.

All this playing in the snow tired me out though so I spent the rest of the evening reposing (VBP) on the sofa while mummy watched TV.

This is my first attempt at joining Savannah, Jet and Texas’s Vocab Building blog hop. I hope you will join in too!