Giant tug of war

As you know, I love a good game of tug of war, particularly if it’s with my daddy (mummy isn’t enough of a challenge!) So the other day I was surprised when mummy came home with a giant rope, all for me! She thought lazy daddy would like it as it means he can sit in the chair and play with me. Err mummy I’m not sure you’re supposed to encourage his laziness!

But either way, it meant for a great game.


You’ll notice in the above picture that daddy is cheating by using two hands, so I’m having to work extra hard to win!

Do you like to play tug of war?

WW: Tug of pig!


Flashback Friday

I though I’d reminisce and join in on flashback Friday. Here’s a photo of me playing tug of war with my daddy’s little cousin. I was about 9 weeks old. Check out the size of my paws:-)

DSC_0160_fridayflashback badge