WW: Don’t go to work


Stay home and play with me instead. Or at least help me put my toys away LOL

Timewarp Tuesday

Today I’m joining in with Mollie and Easy‘s Timewarp bloghop!


The idea being that you show a before and after picture to tell a story. Mummy and I were looking through some of my puppy pics and found this one of me and Lambchop:

Baby Misaki and Lambchop

Baby Misaki and Lambchop

Mummy bought me Lambchop before I came to live with them. She thought he was cute and pleased with herself that she’d found a toy without stuffing.

He’s greying a bit, has been waterboarded washed more times than I can count and has lost an ear, but he’s still knocking about and amazingly still squeaks!

Big Misaki and Lambchop

Big Misaki and Lambchop

Do you still have any toys from your puppy days?

time warp 1

what the fox really says

There’s been lots of debate over what the fox says. If you’ve completely missed this, you can catch up here

So I’ve been doing my own research to find out and this is what I came up with:

Yes I can confirm that foxes squeak:-)

FF: Sgt Major Pig


Before I came to live with them, daddy bought me this piggy toy. It was a ball that bounced but had the face of a piggy. Daddy loved this toy and really wanted me to love it too. Sadly Sgt Major Pig did not live into old age as he was prforming a reconnaissance mission in the garden when the weather was really bad and caught pneumonia. He is fondly remembered though.

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Piglet’s next…

2013-05-25 18.52.07


Only joking! Nanny’s friend gave me a Winnie the Pooh toy. But despite giving him a good shake and throwing him around he doesn’t seem to squeak. And so, he’s not really worth ripping open. I mean, you can’t play ‘find the squeaker’ if there’s no squeaker – right?

What do you think? Does Winnie deserve to survive?

My week…in pictures

This week has been crazy busy with the pancake party and the Valentine’s Ball. And now we’re straight into the circus – think I’m going to need a week to recover from all the excitement!

Outside of all that we had some snow, I had to go for my annual check-up and I got a new friend. Instead of waffling on I thought I’d show some photos instead. So here’s a taster of what I’ve been up to:-) Hope you had a good one too!

Prof hippo has lost his head!

Something terrible has happened! And I’m so worried that it’s going to put me on the naughty list!

Earlier Prof Hippo and I were playing nicely:

2012-12-23 12.21.54

Me and Prof Hippo

Then I got distracted by daddy eating a bag of crisps, and when I went back to find Prof Hippo, he looked like this:

2012-12-23 13.46.38

Oh the horror!

2012-12-23 13.46.26

Prof Hippo the headless

Who could’ve done this?? I can only think that those evil birds have been round again, but how did they get in??

I hope Santa doesn’t think it was me!

Working from home

It was really cold this morning when we went to the park – or at least mummy said it was  –  but still had a really nice walk. And it was very pretty now that the leaves are turning red and brown.

After mummy left for work this morning I searched the house for treats, played with my kong and was just debating whether to have a nap or to play daddy’s online game when the best thing happened – mummy came home again!!

Someone had jumped in front of her train, which is a terrible thing but meant she couldn’t get into her office and is having to work from home today.

Mummy says I’m not allowed to disturb her and have to be on my best behaviour, so I’m playing with my brand new squirrel toy – I wonder how long it will last?

Have a good day everyone!

RIP Gerry

Gerry the giraffe has been a friend of mine for a while. This is a pic of us together when I was about 10 weeks:

Anyway, last night I left him in the garden on guard duty in the garden.

But this morning I have woken up to the most terrible sight, he’s been lobotomized!!

I can only assume those evil birds came back (see my post called Break in??) and pecked the stuffing out of him!! This is terrible.

Mummy has since removed all of his stuffing so he doesn’t leak everywhere, put poor Gerry is just a shadow of his former self, he will never be the same again:-(

RIP Gerry you were a faithful friend. Curse you evil birds!

Honk the duck

My daddy has bought me a new toy, but I think he’s regretting it now! Its a duck that honks and I like it so much I’ve been playing with it all day. I like throwing it around my head, chewing it, pouncing on it and mostly making it honk 🙂

I’ve seen ducks in the park, but my humans never let me play with them so this is definitely the next best thing.

I love my duck ❤