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Stick fun

Sometimes when I’m in the park I play a game where I find a stick to chew and then everytime mummy comes close I run away with my stick. Its one of my favourite games – well apart from ‘find the treat’ but that goes without saying:-)

What games do you like to play?

Today is mummy’s deadline day at work, so if all goes well we should be getting back to normal pretty soon. I think mummy is more relieved than I am!

Have a great day everyone,

Windy Thursday

Today was seriously windy. And that’s the one type of weather mummy hates walking me in. When I was little and unimpressed about walkies (before I met Bud) mummy tried to take me out on a windy day and I refused. I sat by the front door and wouldn’t budge!

But nowadays I just get super-hyper in the wind. Mummy always thought this was because I was scared, until Dogdaz pointed out that the wind stirs up all the different scents and that’s what’s making me so excited. Duh, mummy!

This morning was no different. I went crazy when I saw Bud. But as he’s 10 now, and not into playing I found a stick to chew instead. While I was in this unladylike pose, Bud took a sneaky butt sniff – how cheeky is that! Mummy didn’t quite catch the moment but you can get the idea from this pic.


I guess its a good thing it was the weather that was windy and not me, or Bud would’ve got a surprise BOL.

Nothing like a good stick:-)


PS don’t forget to vote for Rumpy for Mr World Spay day 2013!!

My week…in pictures

This week has been crazy busy with the pancake party and the Valentine’s Ball. And now we’re straight into the circus – think I’m going to need a week to recover from all the excitement!

Outside of all that we had some snow, I had to go for my annual check-up and I got a new friend. Instead of waffling on I thought I’d show some photos instead. So here’s a taster of what I’ve been up to:-) Hope you had a good one too!


My humans both have new phone thingies. Not having thumbs, I don’t really understand the appeal. I once tried to use my daddy’s phone but he got quite upset when he found me with it in the garden (whoopsie!). Since then I’ve stayed clear, but today I couldn’t avoid it.

Usually when I take my mummy for her morning walk I chase pigeons round the field, or maybe mummy throws a ball which I catch and then she has to chase me to get it back 🙂 But this morning she was too busy using her phone to play with me:-( So I found myself a nice stick and sat down with that instead – she then seemed upset that I wasn’t running around! Humans are never happy!

She did take some photos of me on her phone thingy, so I guess that’s a small consolation. But I hope she tires of it soon, otherwise our walks are going to get very boring!


My human seemed to think this was too big for me, but I think its good to aim high:-)