SW: Wellington Country Park

Today we went on a long car journey to Reading where we met up with Auntie Ruthie, mummy’s best friend from uni. Auntie Ruthie and her husband uncle Rich live in Wales with their baby and their staffie Jazz. Mummy and Ruthie arranged to meet up roughly in the middle at Wellington Country Park which is a 350 acre park in Berkshire.

It was a really lovely place to visit but tbh more geared up for children than for us doggies. Jazz doesn’t have many friends: being a staffie she’s often avoided which is such a shame as she’s a lovely friendly dog. I have quite a few staffie friends so was more than happy to have a romp about with her. I also made friends with a few kids and most of all Auntie Ruthie’s baby:-) We’re hoping to meet up again soon and I can’t wait!

Mummy didn’t take many photos as she was more interested in talking to Auntie Ruthie than snapping the scenery, but she managed to take a few of me and Jazz playing.

Hope you had a great Sunday!

sundya walks



new park friends

Most of my park friends are alot older than me and aren’t fond of playing anymore. Occasionally I see my buddies Ben and Henry who will chase about with me a bit while their sister Mia sits and watches, but I haven’t seen them for a few weeks and  recently the park has been very quiet.

Ben, Henry and Mia

Ben, Henry and Mia

However, today I made a new friend, plus saw my buddy Sebastian who I haven’t seen for AGES!

First of all here’s Daisy a little Staffy, she’s super cute and although I sat on her face a few times she kept coming back for more:-)

2013-06-10 17.59.22 We had superfun together.
2013-06-10 18.00.36

And here’s my buddy Sebastian, he’s a Landseer. He’s also younger than me, makes me look small right BOL.

2013-06-10 18.05.57 Isn’t he handsome!
2013-06-10 18.05.44I hope I get to play with them both again soon:-) Did you see any friends today?