WW: Daddy’s chair

DSC_0147I love sitting in daddy’s chair. Its comfy and I get control of the TV remote. But what shall I watch? Eight Below (for the 200th time)? Or maybe Lady and the Tramp?

FF: on the sofa


I guess I’m a pretty lucky pup. Unlike some of my buddies I’ve always been allowed on the sofa. In fact mummy and daddy ordered our sofa in a scratch-proof material before I even came to live with them. When I was too little to jump up myself, they would pick me up and sit me beside them.

But now I’m bigger and can decide for myself where I want to sit, I usually prefer the floor or my armchair (unless we have visitors BOL). I think they are a little disappointed that I don’t sit on it more but tbh sitting on the sofa is not as much fun when you have permission.

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