Bittersweet saturday

Today was good and bad for the same reason – it snowed. On the one hand this was fantastic, I am a snow dog afterall! But it meant we had to cancel our plans which was disappointing to say the least. We had arranged to meet up with mummy’s friend R and her dog Jazz. R lives in Wales so the idea was for us to meet in the middle at a National Trust park. We’d been looking forward to it for ages: mummy was eager to catch up with R, I couldn’t wait to meet Jazz, and R was looking forward to ribbing daddy about France’s poor performance in the rugby!

But because of the weather, R was worried about the travel chaos it would inevitably cause and suggested we postpone:-(

So I just played in the snow instead.

Misaki in the snow

Then later daddy suggested we go into town as he wanted to get some shopping. I’ve been into town before but only early in the morning when it was quiet. This was lunchtime – prime time for shoppers and it was snowing. I go CRAZY in the snow! It was also windy AND there were pigeons in the centre – quite the combination! Daddy thought this would be great for my socialization, while mummy thought this was a recipe for disaster! But actually it went really well, I tried to say hello to a few people but on the whole I was very well  behaved.

Then we took a long way home which was fun, the snow started the melt by this point. Mummy didn’t manage to get many photos, she only had her phone with her and I was using my last second evasion technique, so she just got lots of bum shots BOL

2013-03-23 12.53.21

I’m the leader!

2013-03-23 13.15.05

waiting for the green man

I’m really sad that I didn’t get to meet Jazz, but hoping we can arrange something when we finally get some warmer weather.

It’s starting to snow again so I think daddy and I will be having a snowball fight soon – woohoo!


more snow fun

Mummy was supposed to go out yesterday but because we had loads more snow, she ended up staying in and we played in the garden together:-) So I’m afraid this is yet another snow post!
Here’s a little video of us:

And some photos of me having a snowball fight with daddy. And a few of me and him wrestling in the park:-)

I hope it never stops snowing:-)