Down the market

This weekend mummy and daddy decided to head back to where they used to live in East London to have a wander round the market. Ironically when they lived there, they avoided the market as it would get so busy. But they really wanted to get some fruit and veg that’s either hard to come by, or expensive, in the local supermarket. And they thought it would be fun to take me with them.

We set out early to beat the crowds and at first it went really well. I walked nicely with daddy as we checked out the stalls, a few people stopped to say hello to me – they even asked first – and all three of us were having a good time. Sadly there are no photos though. But then we walked past a cafe with two border terriers sitting outside and as soon as they saw me they went nuts! It freaked me right out and things went a bit downhill from there. It didn’t help that mummy is a wimp and couldn’t carry the shopping so they switched and I had to walk with her instead. On my long lead in the park or elsewhere that would have been fine. But I was on the shortest lead we have and there were lots of people and stalls about.

What with those two evil dogs, various vans making deliveries and the banging of poles as more stalls were being put up,  it all got too much and I just wanted to head home. As Easy would put it, mummy became a kite at the end of my lead and we took off towards the car! Pack-horse Daddy had to run to keep up and by the time we reached it, they were both exhausted and sweaty. I had to hold my nose on the way home as the car was pretty stinky lol.

They’re torn over whether to take me again. On the one hand they think it would be good for me to get used to those kinds of situations. But at the same time mummy isn’t sure her arm could take it lol.

Do you like walking around busy markets?


For the rest of the weekend, mummy watched her favourite Netflix show. But I think you guys would prefer this version:

What did you get up to this weekend?

Loyal Reader Award

The lovely Bacon has passed me the Loyal Reader Award, thank you Bacon:-)


Here are the rules to The Loyal Reader Award:

1. Display this award on your blog. – Check

2. Thank the person who sent it to you. – Check

3. Answer a rhetorical question of the authors choosing:

The Question: If I am a tree, will I become a book or furniture?

My Answer: I think I would become a book. Books are full of great stories that entertain for a lifetime:-)

4. Send on the award to everyone you consider a loyal reader. – I have no idea how to judge that, so i think I’ll cop out and offer it to you all, thank you for reading my blog. Please do take this award.


Today is Forrest‘s birthday, so don’t forget to pop over and send him some birthday wishes. Happy birthday Forrest!

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saturday shopping and snoozing

Doggy class doesn’t start back till Wednesday, so today Mummy and Daddy are going shopping. Daddy still needs to buy mummy a present – whoopsie Daddy! I hope it doesn’t take too long to choose cos I need another brush! You don’t seem to be able to bigify photos anymore, but if you look closely you can see a tuft of loose hair ripe for the picking! And there’s more where that came from!

While I wait for them to come back, I might as well have a nice snooze. Catch you later!

wake me up when you get home

wake me up when you get home