You may not believe it but I am still imprisoned – yes three weeks and counting:-( However, mummy has started taking me out at a more sociable time (although still on the lead down the cycle path). But this morning the best thing happened, we bumped into Bud: he is the wisest dog I know and seeing a friend has really cheered me up.

I met Bud when I was very little and first taken out for walkies. I was not impressed with the outside world, I would’ve much rather stayed inside with my toys. Mummy made me walk past scary noisy traffic, and I was sure one of those metal monsters was going to try to eat me! After a few minutes I couldn’t take it any longer and would stubbornly sit in the direction of home and refuse to move. She’d bribe me with treats, toys, encouraging words…but I would not be swayed – we mallies are known to be stubborn and strong-minded and I fully lived up to my breed-type! That is, until one day the most beautiful white German Shepherd I’d ever seen walked passed us with his human – it was Bud. He wasn’t phased by the traffic at all. And when I saw him I forgot to be scared, instead I decided to follow him in the hope that we could be friends! from then on everytime we went for walkies I would drag mummy down the road in the hope we would see him again. I must admit, I have a bit of a soft spot for Bud:-)

Seeing him today really made me smile and as he didn’t try to ‘get jiggy’ with me as mummy put it, she thinks my prison term maybe over very soon – hooray!

She did say something about freshening me up first. I hope that’s not a code word for bathtime!!!

The dumps

I’m not feeling that great today so i think gerry the giraffe and i are going to take it easy.


I miss my friends, especially Autumn who’s my bestie from training class,  as well as my park friends (and their humans who give me treats). I just hope I’ll get to see them again soon.
Mummy says it could be another two weeks before we get back to normal:-(

Under house arrest

I’ve been grounded and am not allowed out:-( We didn’t got to training class last night, my walks to the park have been suspended  – I’m only allowed down the cycle paths on a very short lead – and on saturday when I was supposed to go with mummy and daddy to visit family, I’ve been told I have to stay home:-( This is soooo unfair!!!

You may ask what I’ve done to deserve this harsh punishment and the answer is nothing. Well nothing intentional anyway.

Apparently I’m ‘in season’ which explains why a boy doggie tried to get extra friendly with me the other day (how rude!). And because of this, I’M being punished. Its not my fault he couldn’t control himself!

So basically I’m stuck at home and bored. Luckily daddy is off today and grampy is coming over tomorrow to sit with me so I can annoy them with my extra squeaky ball:-)

Hope this doesn’t last too long though, I want to see my friends again!!