this and that thursday

As its been so hot of late I’ve been having my afternoon walk in the evening, which means mummy gets to come too and we’ve been having loads of fun together. Daddy and I have been playing hide and seek in the grass. Or rather he hides and I have to find him. Luckily I always do:-)

2013-07-09 20.51.50

where are you daddy?

You’ve probably already heard but my boydawg Gizmo has been shortlisted in the Best Active-Living Blog in the 2013 Petties Dogtime’s Pet Blog Awards, which is fantastic news. Please vote for him if you can, you can vote once a day.
When you get to the voting page you’ll probably also recognise a few familiar blogs, like Oz who’s up for the Funniest Blogger. Nice one Oz!!

In other things, I was the first person to guess Sammy‘s teaser this week – woohoohoo!! Now that’s  definitely a first for me:-) Thanks Sammy.


And lastly, please head over to Savvy’s to find out how you can help her (and Leo) find a new home for a cute little kitty called Mary.

Wordy Wednesday

Those of you on facebook will have seen this photo, so already know what happened last night!


Yes, the dreaded B word:-(

I refused to pose for any ‘drowned rat’ photos so this was the best mummy could take.


The best part about baths is the dry-off. Daddy and I have a play bull fight with the towel and that’s superfun:-)

When I was fully dry mummy said I was beautiful, all soft and floofy. So you know what I did this morning? Yep, I stomped through all the muddy patches in the stream hehehe! Check out my muddy paws:-)


On a more serious note, my heart goes out to the Woos as lovely Thunder is running free over the bridge. Love to you all xx


Also you may have heard that Savannah’s foster brother Leo is in need of a new home. Please help spread the word if you can. You can find out more here

leo's castle small

And lastly, today is the last day for submissions for my ball skills contest. See Mondays post for details. The voting starts tomorrow!