On sunday mummy went to visit family with nanny and grampy. Daddy and I were left behind, so we spent the day snoozing and chilling. Then in the evening she came back. I gave her lots of love and licks and then I smelt something familiar. I sniffed and sniffed her and then realised that she smelt of my doggy cousin Dizzy. And I found this on her phone.

2014-06-22 18.13.52

Not only did she go without me to see her, but mummy came home covered in Dizzy’s fur! She’d been giving Dizzy cuddles and they’d been playing ball together. It’s so unfair. I would’ve liked to have gone too.

Mummy said it would’ve been too crazy with the two of us there, as there were older relatives who would’ve got knocked flying with us running around. So unimpressed with mummy right now.

Have your peeps ever betrayed you with other pets??

Christmas catch-up

I had a lovely Christmas, and I hope you did too.

When I last posted, the weather had been bad. But by the evening of Christmas eve, it had calmed down alot. So daddy suggested we drive to Brick Lane to get some bagels for Christmas morning. Brick Lane is in East London, I’m not sure how well known it is outside of London but it’s the place to go for a curry. But more than that, it’s the home of an amazing 24-hour jewish bakery. We met some of daddy’s friends there which was fun.

Then Christmas day we went to the park for a walk before heading to nanny and grampy’s and I bumped into my buddy Sebastian. He’s a landseer and I had great fun playing with him. I saw him again on the 26th and we met up again today, how cool is that! The rest of the day was was filled with presents, Christmas dinner and a dinosaur bone for me:-)

Then Boxing day my doggy cousin Dizzy came over and we chased each other all over the place. The only thing is where she’s a saluki she’s always biting my cheeks and trying to hump me:/

In the meantime, Bashful enjoyed his dinner, got chased by a dalek and showed off his card skills (I think he picked them up from his stay with Easy!)

Here are a few pictures from the past couple of days:

ps. I’m now reading all your blogs through Bloglovin, so if you notice I’ve unsubscribed from your blog, its not that I’m not reading it anymore.

Me and Dizzy

I mentioned before that on Boxing Day I was due to meet my new doggie cousin Dizzy!

We started off like this:

Then like this:

Had a bit of a rest

Then some more of this
And finally

We are now besties:-) I hope I get to see her again soon!