WW: Running



A walk by the river

Over the weekend we took a lovely walk by the river, and for once mummy remembered the camera! So I thought I’d share a few pics with you. Enjoy!


Yesterday I had a good run around in one of my favourite gated fields. Daddy and I played hide and seek, I sproinged around the grass and generally had a great time doing zoomies. But all that rushing about left me pretty thirsty.

2013-07-21 13.56.20Although it had been cooler in the morning it quickly warmed up, so we headed towards one of the pools I generally take a dip and a sip in, but it had completely dried up:-(

2013-07-21 14.01.01Usually mummy takes some water with us but as she’d assumed we’d be stopping by this pool she hadn’t (silly mummy!). By the time we got home I was completely parched and pretty hot. So I quickly emptied my water bowl and spent some time like this cooling down. Daddy said I looked like Mother Theresa BOL

2013-07-21 17.23.48

how silly do I look!

Its supposed to be crazy hot again this week. So I’m thinking of moving to a colder climate. Maybe I’ll head to Alaska, what do you think??

Sunday walk: back to the river

As daddy has done loads of driving recently, what with his trip to Wales and the wedding yesterday, he wasn’t too keen on going too far today. So we ended up heading towards the river for our Sunday walk. We took a different route though, stopped for a drink at the pub and found both a secluded woody area and also a gated field, so I was able to have a run around and stretch my legs:-)

Monday again!

What a busy weekend! I took my human parents to training on Saturday and saw my friends and we had a good play about, plus my humans learnt a few new things, so that was all good 🙂

Then on Sunday we went to dinner at my human daddy’s dam and step-sire’s. I played with my daddy’s cousin’s who are really young so we ran round playing ball, and later raced up and down the garden. Towards the end I got tired and only ran half way, then waited for them to catch up and followed them back. My mummy said I was cheating, but my daddy said I was clever and being strategic, whatever that means. But I was so tired when we got home, I flopped straight down on the carpet, and didn’t even wake up when my daddy left for work this morning.

I’m sad its monday now though. I wish it was always the weekend.