You may not believe it but I am still imprisoned – yes three weeks and counting:-( However, mummy has started taking me out at a more sociable time (although still on the lead down the cycle path). But this morning the best thing happened, we bumped into Bud: he is the wisest dog I know and seeing a friend has really cheered me up.

I met Bud when I was very little and first taken out for walkies. I was not impressed with the outside world, I would’ve much rather stayed inside with my toys. Mummy made me walk past scary noisy traffic, and I was sure one of those metal monsters was going to try to eat me! After a few minutes I couldn’t take it any longer and would stubbornly sit in the direction of home and refuse to move. She’d bribe me with treats, toys, encouraging words…but I would not be swayed – we mallies are known to be stubborn and strong-minded and I fully lived up to my breed-type! That is, until one day the most beautiful white German Shepherd I’d ever seen walked passed us with his human – it was Bud. He wasn’t phased by the traffic at all. And when I saw him I forgot to be scared, instead I decided to follow him in the hope that we could be friends! from then on everytime we went for walkies I would drag mummy down the road in the hope we would see him again. I must admit, I have a bit of a soft spot for Bud:-)

Seeing him today really made me smile and as he didn’t try to ‘get jiggy’ with me as mummy put it, she thinks my prison term maybe over very soon – hooray!

She did say something about freshening me up first. I hope that’s not a code word for bathtime!!!