Trip to Wales!

This weekend we went camping in Wales. On the way down it rained. Lots. So our journey looked like this:


Camping in the rain can be OK if you are prepared with extra towels and waterproofs etc, but putting the tent up in the rain is no fun at all. By the time we reached the campsite it had stopped raining luckily, but the ground was very muddy. Daddy was not impressed, and apparently didn’t appreciate my pawprints everywhere BOL. But lucky it soon started to dry up and once the tent was pitched, we took some lovely walks into the hills around the campsite. We also met up with mummy’s friend  auntie Ruthie and went to the top of Caerphilly mountain. Which is slightly cheating as you can drive most of the way to the top!

It was a shame it was such a brief trip as there was lots more to explore, but hopefully we can go back again soon. Here are a few photos from the walks we took 🙂

Did you have a nice weekend?

A walk by the river

Over the weekend we took a lovely walk by the river, and for once mummy remembered the camera! So I thought I’d share a few pics with you. Enjoy!

WW: stuck in the river

2015-04-06 12.05.34

I sort of got stuck getting out of the river yesterday and daddy had to pull me out. He comes in handy sometimes BOL.

River fun

At the weekend mummy and I went for a nice long walk along the river. Daddy doesn’t like going to the river much as we have to walk over the bridge which goes on for miles and miles.

2014-08-17 10.47.01

So mummy and I had a solo trip. It was loads of fun. I made friends with a man living in a tent. Mummy said I was being cheeky and after food, but she doesn’t give me enough credit – he seemed lonely and I just wanted to be friends. The fact that he had food was just an added bonus! Mummy didn’t take any pictures, she was too busy trying to get me to move along.

Then as we went a bit further alone the river, I took a little dip and did some full-on doggy-paddling. Mummy said I was a river dog.

2014-08-17 10.23.51

My uncle Andrew saw the photo and said that I looked more like the loch ness monster lol.

Apparently I’m stinky now though and overdue for the Bword- uh oh!

SW: long walk with Lady

Today we went on a lovely long walk with my buddy Lady. We walked in the pouring rain, we got chased by scary cows, we stomped through farmer’s field (on a public footpath) and overall got nice and muddy!

Although there were some breaks in the weather, when it rained, it came down pretty heavily. Mummy and Lady’s daddy dressed appropriately for the weather, while daddy wore shorts and a tshirt lol. And he says I’m silly.

Because of the rain, mummy didn’t take the camera and the photos she took on her phone were pretty poor, but here are a few anyway.

Did you go for a nice walk today?
sundya walks

SW: forgot the camera!

I woke mummy and daddy up nice and early so we could go for a lovely walk. They didn’t seem to impressed with me jumping on the bed and licking them endlessly though. They kept grumbling about me not having a snooze button. I’m not sure what that means.

2013-10-06 08.42.00

time to wake up!!

After waiting aggggges for them, they finally got up. We decided to go to Cheshunt and re-visit the agility course and the river.

You may remember that I went there a few months ago with mummy, nanny and grampy but as we’d gone by train I had to wear the evil halti. But this time as daddy took us in the car, I was able to go without it:-)

As the title of this post suggests, mummy forgot the camera – doh! So the pics are a bit hit and miss as they were taken from both mummy and daddy’s phones.

Did you go for a sunday walk today?

sundya walks

Early walk on a hot day

As the weather report said it was going to be warm today, we set out early for our sunday walk. We’d walked down to the river for a bit and then out of nowhere I heard the voice of my buddy Lady’s daddy! Woohoo! They were joining us on our walkie.

We walked for ages and it was superhot, so we took loads of dips in the water – and I even swam! Daddy was so impressed as usually I just wade. We also saw some angry swans (they hissed at me!), a few piggies, and made a few friends along the way. We even found somewhere to sit down and have a drink before heading back home again.

I’m now home chilling in front of the fan:-)

What did you get up to today?


Yesterday I met up with my friend Lady and we had a lovely walk together. It was quite warm, around 20°c, which is the hottest its been so far this year. But luckily there were plenty of places we could take a dip to cool down.

As well as splashing around in the pond and the river, we chased a pheasant but mummy failed to take a photo – I seriously need a new photographer!

But most of all we got good and tangled several times hehehehe! That’s definitely one of the best parts of being on long leads:-)

Geocaching with Uncle Lee!

As you know we had guests this weekend. Having extra people in the house is amazing: twice as many cuddles and twice as many people to give puppy dog eyes to when there’s food around:-) It’s a win-win situation.

Auntie Els’s bf, Uncle Lee, is into Geocaching – just like my boydawg Gizmo! So when we went out for a walk, we looked for a couple of caches. How cool is that! Caching is great fun, and perfect activity to do with us doggies. Gizmo is a superstar geocacher, so if you want to know more about it, you should swing by his and he can fill you in.

After finding a couple of caches, they stopped for a drink by the river and I kept an eye on the ducks!

I also found a dead mouse. There is some debate over whether the mouse was dead before I found it. I say it was. But when daddy and uncle Lee took it off me they said it looked ‘fresh’. I maintain that’s how I found it!


come out, come out wherever you are!

Hope you are all having a great weekend. I hear the rustle of food, so better go check it out and see what I can score:-)

Sunday walk: back to the river

As daddy has done loads of driving recently, what with his trip to Wales and the wedding yesterday, he wasn’t too keen on going too far today. So we ended up heading towards the river for our Sunday walk. We took a different route though, stopped for a drink at the pub and found both a secluded woody area and also a gated field, so I was able to have a run around and stretch my legs:-)