Today is going to be a fun day for two reasons, First of all it’s Stuart and Ranger’s raceday party.


And I am all-set! Just called me Misaki-o BOL.

Misaki karts

But on top of that mummy and daddy are abandoning me for the day to meet up with my uncle Lee and Auntie Els, apparently it’s a no-dog day – how rude! But to make up for it, I get to spend the day with grampy. Oh yeah! And grampy has been out buying jumbo twists for me woohoo!  These are fat free, so in Grampy’s world that means I can have two:-) Mummy doesn’t agree, but if mummy’s not there…well you get the picture. As my friend Dante would say: what happens at Grampy’s stays at Grampy’s!


me and grampy

 Have a great saturday everyone!

The truth…

OK so yesterday I joined in with Ranger’s false confession bloghop. I told you two stories, one true and one false then you had to guess which one was which.

The answer is… number two is true! Yep I counter-surfed my way to spelt heaven. But don’t tell mummy and daddy I said so! Daddy still grumbles about it. Thing is the bread loaf came from a really nice (and expensive) bakers so he was not impressed that he didn’t get to eat it. And mummy got the blame hahahahaha!

The great thing is there was a fairly even split between your answers. I was a bit worried my poncho story was too unrealistic but apparently not.

That was loads of fun. Thanks for all joining in and thanks to Ranger for hosting the hop.

I’m so happy its Friday! The best thing is that daddy is off work all next week – woohoo! Which means loads of wrestling and snuggling and maybe a few treats too:-)

Have a great weekend everyone.

FF: Auntie and Uncle


In celebration of their big day tomorrow, here’s a pic of me with Uncle Andrew and Auntie Harriet! As you can see they were getting some baby Misaki love:-)

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Why don’t you join in too? Just head over to Ranger‘s for the list of blogs connected to this hop.

FF: Happy!


I’ve always been a happy dog, even when I was a pup:-)

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Why don’t you join in too? Just head over to Ranger‘s for the list of blogs connected to this hop.