Job update

Well, I’ve had a response from the Bonio factory and they have said the following:

Unfortunately, we do not currently require any taste testers, but we have passed your comments to the Bonio Brand Team, which we are sure they will be delighted with.

We are always glad to receive comments from our customers and may we thank you again for taking the time to contact us. If we can be of further assistance please contact us again on the below telephone number.

Looks like I’ll have to think about other job options 😦

New job

Now that I have been replaced by the dishwasher (outrageous!!) I’ve decided I need a new job.

I have a few responsibilities already – alarm clock, bed warmer, entertainer, hoover (well for crumbs anyway), motivator, masseuse, trainer (physical and obedience) and washer (humans are sooo dirty!).  But I feel like a need more of a purpose in life. My humans have jobs, so i think I should too.

Although I was bred to pull a sleigh, there isn’t enough snow for that. I’m not stern or grumpy enough to be a guard dog. And I don’t think I’d like to be a sniffer dog, especially if I’m not allowed to eat what I sniff out. I think I could be a good guide dog if I’m allowed to chase pigeons while I’m guiding – that should be OK right?
But all of those job are quite physical and take training and patience. I’d like to find a job which uses the talents I already have.

So today I’ve decided to write to the Bonio factory and offer myself as a taste tester. Its a completely brilliant plan! No one loves Bonios as much as I do! How can they refuse? I hope they reply soon so I can start my new job 🙂


Just lately I’ve been considering my tail. Why do I have one? What is it there for? Is it a friend or foe?

It wags when I’m happy, which I like, but for the rest of the time I find it quite confusing.

Sometimes it is well-behaved and trots along happily behind me, and other times it flits around and gets in my way. But when I try to catch it, its just out of reach.

Will my tail and I ever find a balance?

last few days

I’ve had a strange few days, mostly because my human mummy has had something called a cold. It seems to involve her nose being wet, talking with a funny voice and making weird noises into tissues. The best thing about it is that she stayed home from work on friday, and we snuggled on the sofa together for most of the weekend<3 I hope she stays cold forever:-)

Then on saturday, the grass shrunk! I still don’t understand what happened to it, but my human daddy says with the amount of rain we have, it will soon grow back. Does that mean it fell out?? I’ll definitely have to keep an eye on that in future.

And yesterday, when my human mummy and I came back from our walk, we found ourselves locked out! She’d forgotten her keys and my daddy wasn’t answering the door. Would we have to live in a cardboard box?? Luckily after lots of knocking and calling, he finally answered. Apparently he’d fallen asleep! What a silly billy!

Today mummy went back to work:-( She still talks funny, but luckily my daddy is on holiday. He needs to wait in for the new dishwasher, which I find a bit offensive as I thought it was MY job to lick all the dishes…! Anyway, hopefully he won’t fall asleep and forget to feed me. Now that could be disastrous!

Photo shoot

My humans took me for a photo shoot the other day, and here are the results:-)

Rock Dog

I think my human daddy’s been listening to too much planet rock lol



Despite my teeth still hurting, I was determined to enjoy myself at training class last night. And I have to say, I had a blast!

Finn and Lady were there, but Lady seems to have decided that we’d be better off as friends so the three of us played together. Bailey and Socks, two staffys, soon joined us along with a baby German Shepherd called Sam. We were supposed to be standing nicely waiting for the class to begin, but we all ended up in a big bundle, leads tangled up and limbs flailing all over the place. I can’t wait till next week. Its so good to have friends ❤

My human daddy didn’t fare so well at training though, I really need to do some more work with him!


Tooth ache

The other day I was chewing on a plastic lid I found on my morning walk, and when my human mummy* took it away from me (spoilsport!) it was covered in blood. From then on, everytime I’ve played with my toys my teeth bled until finally four fell out within a few hours. At the time I was quite relieved, but now my gums are really sore and they hurt. When my human mummy and daddy were at work, I was in so much pain I cried. When they came home, our neighbours told them they’d heard me, so they gave me lots of cuddles and some ice cubes which helped a bit. But they really hurt again today. I hope the new teeth come through soon.


*My humans finally started reading my blog and were a bit upset that I simply called them my ‘humans’, so from now on I’m going to refer to them as my human mummy and daddy.

Chillaxing Tuesday

Chasing monsters is hard work, so I’ve decided to chill today 🙂

The Monster returns

I mentioned in a previous blog entry that there is a metal monster roaming our streets (See Monster on the Loose!).

Well, over the past few weeks I’ve come to realise that there is a pattern to its behaviour: it comes round every monday morning. Previously I thought it was stealing food from the humans, but I now believe the situation is graver than that – the food is in fact a tribute which the humans leave out to placate the monster and stop it from eating them!!

The pieces finally came together this morning as I walked my human. I’d noticed that they purposely leave the food containers out every Sunday night so that they are at the end of the front garden, making it easy for the monster’s minions to pick them up the following morning.

When I realised this, I rushed home hoping to confront the monster myself, if the humans can’t speak up for themselves then I’d have to do it for them!! I rushed so fast that my human started to complain that I was pulling and at one point she even slipped over in the mud. I did feel bad about that, but it couldn’t be helped, she was lagging behind and I was on a mission! But by the we reached home, the monster had already collected its tributes and its evil scheme remains unchecked.

Be warned monster, I am watching you!