Bacon’s Show and Tell

Today I’m joining in with Bacon’s show and Tell.

Bacon's show and tell

The idea is for me to tell you about a beloved childhood toy. So of course I have to mention Mr Bear.


Me and mr Bear :-)

Me and mr Bear 🙂

Mr Bear was one of my very first toys and we had loads of fun together. He doesn’t look much like a bear, but his long body was perfectly to chew and cuddle. Amazingly, he’s till around. But not in quite such good shape. he’s living out his retirement in the airing cupboard.

I hope you’ll join in on Bacon’s hop too.

Bashful’s second day

As you know Bashful is staying with me until the New year so I spent today helping to make him comfortable. First of all I helped him to unpack his box


Check our the cool piggy toy!

And then I treated him, as I would any guest, to a nice wash:

When he was nice and refreshed, he and I helped mummy wrap up some of the Christmas presents. Only mummy got a bit carried away:


Luckily I realised in time and helped him to break free. Phew!

A little later in the day he went missing. I was worried! I looked everywhere for him until eventually I spotted a familiar face in the tree:


Yep Bashful had found a santa hat and got quite into the Christmas spirit (I did wonder if he’d got into the spirits too lol).


Mummy was hoping to take him into London but the weather is supposed to be pretty dire over the next few days with strong gales heading our way. If the trains are affected their trip may have to wait till after Christmas, which is a shame.

Anyway, hope you are all enjoying the run-up to Christmas. London trip or not, I’ll have more Bashful news for you tomorrow:-)

Special arrival

I’m so excited! We have a visitor for Christmas all the way from Georgia, USA. Yep it’s Bashful!


Bashful has a slight hiccup on his flight. He wanted some fresh air and found himself on the wing of the plane!


Things were a bit rocky (forgive the pun) for a bit there, but he was soon upgraded to business class And enjoyed the rest of the flight in comfort.


He even managed to hitch a lift through arrivals with an obliging celeb.


Thanks Nicole

I gather there was some talk of a future duet too. Maybe they could cover ‘like a rolling stone’ 🙂


Once we finally met up, we hopped on the train back to mine.

stansted express

Bashful was pretty tired so he headed straight to bed when we got home.


I’m so happy he’s here! I’m sure we’re going to have a fab time together. Pop back tomorrow for more of Bashful’s adventures:-)

Belated thanks on Thursday

I’m sooo behind on posting about this award! I was given it by Bacon, Speedy and Dogdaz ages ago – thank you all so much and sorry it took so long!


So the rules are as follows:
1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award and link back to them – Above
2. Display the award on your blog – its now on my awards page
3. And pass it on to up to 15 bloggers – this award has been going round lately so I don’t know who has it and who doesn’t. So please take it and pass it on if you haven’t had it before.

Sammy also created this cool badge to celebrate  his sam-o-ween contest


And Bacon put this badge together for his 31 days of Spookiness!spooktober

Thanks to you both!

I had to share this video, mummy was wetting herself when she heard it. Have you ever wondered what the fox says??

Now I’m off for a snooze. Pop back tomorrow to find out what I’ve been dreaming about!

Loyal Reader Award

The lovely Bacon has passed me the Loyal Reader Award, thank you Bacon:-)


Here are the rules to The Loyal Reader Award:

1. Display this award on your blog. – Check

2. Thank the person who sent it to you. – Check

3. Answer a rhetorical question of the authors choosing:

The Question: If I am a tree, will I become a book or furniture?

My Answer: I think I would become a book. Books are full of great stories that entertain for a lifetime:-)

4. Send on the award to everyone you consider a loyal reader. – I have no idea how to judge that, so i think I’ll cop out and offer it to you all, thank you for reading my blog. Please do take this award.


Today is Forrest‘s birthday, so don’t forget to pop over and send him some birthday wishes. Happy birthday Forrest!

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And last of all you can place your orders for christmas presents over at Mollie‘s store. She has so much cool stuff you’re bound to find a few stocking fillers 🙂