Stop the pigeon

After a couple of days of bellyrubs and bonios (though not as many as I’d like!) I’ve finally forgiven my humans and was determined to enjoy my walk this morning as it was cooler. The last few days have been humid and my fur has all stuck together so I’ve been a little out of sorts 😦

But this morning the pigeons were out in force and I had great fun chasing them, unfortunately I have yet to catch one. Partly this is because my name tag jingles when I run. And partly because they can fly away and I can’t. Which is massively unfair.

getting ready to pounce

My daddy was laughing at me and said it was shame I don’t have a flying machine like Muttley and that way I’d have a better chance of catching one. Can you imagine how awesome that would be??

me as Muttley BOL