New piggy friends

The other day I met some of Bacon’s British cousins. And they were so friendly and eager to chat, unfortunately my Pig is a bit rusty so we didn’t get beyond the pleasantries.

2015-09-19 09.04.30 2015-09-19 09.04.41

Mummy’s pictures aren’t great, but hopefully you can see them. I just love making new friends. Have you made any unusual friends lately?

Animal Impressions

I am great at impersonating other animals. When I was young my ears were so big I looked like a rabbit – I’m sure you’ve all seen the photos by now so I won’t bored you with those again:-)

When I see another dog in the park who I want to play with, I stand on my back legs and do my meerkat impression. I’ve also been accused of being a cheeky monkey (usually unwarranted) and a ‘swamp donkey’ – though the meaning of this is slightly ambiguous as seems to be something to do with me taking a dip in a stagnant pond.

Anyway, just recently I’ve been trying to add to my repertoire. This is my dolphin impression:

2013-07-28 09.48.08

This is my scary shark impression

2013-07-28 07.38.50

And this is one I’m working on atm, its my piggy impression. I was practicing with this piggy I met in the park. How do you think I’m doing?2013-07-28 08.35.54

Do you do any animal impressions??

Early walk on a hot day

As the weather report said it was going to be warm today, we set out early for our sunday walk. We’d walked down to the river for a bit and then out of nowhere I heard the voice of my buddy Lady’s daddy! Woohoo! They were joining us on our walkie.

We walked for ages and it was superhot, so we took loads of dips in the water – and I even swam! Daddy was so impressed as usually I just wade. We also saw some angry swans (they hissed at me!), a few piggies, and made a few friends along the way. We even found somewhere to sit down and have a drink before heading back home again.

I’m now home chilling in front of the fan:-)

What did you get up to today?

Perky pig and other stuff


This is my new friend Perky pig. Mummy bought him for me expecting him to only last 5 minutes, but I’ve had him for 2 days and he is still alive, admittedly he’s a bit dirty as you can see. He makes the most wonderful noise, a cross between an oink and a honk so it’s great to play with him while daddy is watching TV:-)

I’ve had a few awards recently, and although they are duplicates of ones I already have they are no less appreciated. I’ve listed these on my awards page, but namely these were from Speedy, Kirby, Trev and Peace, Love and Whiskers. Thank you all very much.

Both¬†Speedy and Rumpy are up for the world spay day pageant, I’m voting for them in turn, I hope you will too.

And lastly, Oz is celebrating St Patrick’s day by writing limericks. If you want him to write one about you then drop him a line. All the details can be found here.

Right, daddy is about to watch something interesting on TV so its time to play with perky again:-)