Rabbit Hunt

Last week after my WW post a lot of you wondered if I hadn’t been around because I was lost in the long grass. I wasn’t lost, but I have been stalking about a lot as it’s rabbit season and I’m on the hunt!


I’m going to get you little bunnies

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to see them, but there were loads about!

I’ve been having so much fun chasing them! Bunnies of Essex watch out, I’m after you. Sorry Speedy but they live in the park so the way I see it, they’re fair game!

Do you like chasing rabbits?


At the weekends we often walk over Pish Park where fearsome cows graze!

2015-06-14 10.53.45

As you will see from the following video I took my life in my paws by walking passed them. Seriously it was very harrowing and I’m amazed I survived. If you watch to the end you will see my relief.

Do you like cows?

In jail

My park has been awarded some funding for a major restoration. Needless to say it currently looks like a complete mess. Once it’s finished it should be fab, with a new coffee shop, new pathways, and a new-look bandstand among other things.

But while that’s happening, my park is covered in scaffolding, and there is all kinds of craziness going on. Like this:

DSC_0108Well anyway, yesterday I decided to inspect the works being done and somehow got stuck behind this barrier. Kinda looks like I’m in jail!

2015-06-04 06.53.48

OK when’s feeding time in here??


2015-06-04 06.54.00

Maybe I can crawl underneath

After 87 hours mummy finally moved the barrier and let me out. Apparently I could have gone into the bushes and around it, but where’s the fun in that? I like mummy to feel involved in my (mis)adventures 🙂

Have you ever been put in jail?


WW: I’m the Queen of the castle…

DSC03149And you’re the dirty rascal LOL!


WW: Running



WW: Me and Daddy



WW: Trees in blossom

20150502_084225Aren’t they pretty? 🙂


WW: Following the Leader

2015-04-28 07.04.11


Exercising in the park

In my park a new exercise area has been built with various weird-looking machines to help the peeps get fit. Personally I think it would be better if they’d built a dog agility area, but can’t please everyone I guess.

I gave some of the equipment a good sniff to make sure it was safe.

2015-04-04 11.40.51

2015-04-04 11.40.30

After I’d given it a good once over, daddy decided to try a few of the machines out. I stayed close to supervise of course, didn’t want him to injure himself!2015-04-04 11.41.10

After a few of these he was pretty knackered and gave up. I think he’d be better of wrestling and playing with me, less likely to hurt himself and way more fun!

Do your peeps exercise regularly?

I haven’t been round Blogville much recently, but I have been busy helping mummy wrap presents, write cards and decorate the house ready for Christmas.

I have had a few fab walks recently though, particularly when I met up with my friends Sebastian, Cooper and Luna. We had sooo much fun together:-)

2014-12-20 10.53.41  2014-12-20 10.49.19

2014-12-20 10.49.15

I’m always happiest when I have a few friends to play with.

Have you had any playdates recently?