Bad poetry day contest

Oz and Ku are hosting the bad poetry contest, and as I enjoy writing poetry (seems to be a malamute trait) I thought I’d give it a go.

Bad Poetry Day

The main problem is I’m not sure what makes a bad poem: is it the subject? Is it the style? is it the length? Poetry is so subjective it’s hard to know. Now I’m not saying my poetry is necessarily good but its hard to write something that is deliberately bad, if you get what I mean.

So after lots of thinking, I decided to write my poem in the style of, and as a tribute to, Baldrick’s war poem entitled The German Guns (It’s from Blackadder Goes Forth in case you haven’t heard it before). As I was writing my poem I was thinking about food, so I have called it ‘Dinner’

Dinner by Misaki

Nom nom nom nom
Nom nom nom
Nom nom nom nom
Nom nom nom.

What do you think? Is it bad enough??

Have you entered yet? Check out Oz and Ku‘s bloggies for more details.

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On top of that I have a favour to ask. For those of you on facebook would you mind taking a few minutes to vote for me in the BuyaGift contest? The winner becomes the model for their new campaign and also £1500 will be donated to Battersea Dogs Home in the winner’s name. To vote, click you’ll then need to ‘like’ buyagift, find my photo (which should be on page 3 – thank you cupcake for updating me) and click ‘vote’. Hope that all makes sense – thank you!

this and that thursday

As its been so hot of late I’ve been having my afternoon walk in the evening, which means mummy gets to come too and we’ve been having loads of fun together. Daddy and I have been playing hide and seek in the grass. Or rather he hides and I have to find him. Luckily I always do:-)

2013-07-09 20.51.50

where are you daddy?

You’ve probably already heard but my boydawg Gizmo has been shortlisted in the Best Active-Living Blog in the 2013 Petties Dogtime’s Pet Blog Awards, which is fantastic news. Please vote for him if you can, you can vote once a day.
When you get to the voting page you’ll probably also recognise a few familiar blogs, like Oz who’s up for the Funniest Blogger. Nice one Oz!!

In other things, I was the first person to guess Sammy‘s teaser this week – woohoohoo!! Now that’s  definitely a first for me:-) Thanks Sammy.


And lastly, please head over to Savvy’s to find out how you can help her (and Leo) find a new home for a cute little kitty called Mary.