Animal Impressions

I am great at impersonating other animals. When I was young my ears were so big I looked like a rabbit – I’m sure you’ve all seen the photos by now so I won’t bored you with those again:-)

When I see another dog in the park who I want to play with, I stand on my back legs and do my meerkat impression. I’ve also been accused of being a cheeky monkey (usually unwarranted) and a ‘swamp donkey’ – though the meaning of this is slightly ambiguous as seems to be something to do with me taking a dip in a stagnant pond.

Anyway, just recently I’ve been trying to add to my repertoire. This is my dolphin impression:

2013-07-28 09.48.08

This is my scary shark impression

2013-07-28 07.38.50

And this is one I’m working on atm, its my piggy impression. I was practicing with this piggy I met in the park. How do you think I’m doing?2013-07-28 08.35.54

Do you do any animal impressions??