How to be a good guest?

Hey guys, you may have seen over on Mollie‘s bloggy the other day that I’m going to visit her this weekend. And I’m super excited! We’re going to play on her beach, maybe take a dip in the sea and most of all have loads of fun. Once we’ve had a good play, the plan is to head back to her house for a gourmet meal – nom nom!

Mummy says I have to be on my bestest behaviour. The only time I’ve visited with another doggy was last christmas when my doggy cousin Dizzy was at my nanny’s house. We were a bit excited and we played rough through the house, but it was fun. Overall we got on really well although she keep nipping my ruff and I accidentally stood on her paw (whoops), other than that it was all good. But this time its at Mollie’s house so I have to be REALLY good. I’ve looked online for some tips on how to behave and I found the following suggestions:

1. Arrive on time, don’t be late: I’m planning to set the furry alarm extra early so mummy and daddy have plenty of time to get us there. I’m thinking 4am. Do you think this is too early??

2. Take a gift. I’m thinking I could take Winnie and we could see how fast we can tear him apart. Great idea, right?

3. Offer to help clean the dishes – now that I can DEFINITELY do, its my favourite chore:-)

4. Don’t drink too much. Hmmm…

drinkingOK maybe that’s good advice.

Is there anything else I should or shouldn’t do??

Desperately seeking Mollie

The search continues for Mollie. If you need to catch up, you can stop by any of these blogs to pick up the story:  Mollie, Doggy, Litchi, the piggies, Sammy, Easy and Princess Zena

This ransom note has been received so at least we know she HAS been dog-napped and not trampled under one of Doggy’s elephants:

With everyone’s help we have amassed a huge search party and we are off to Spain to retrace Mollie’s steps

Sammy guiding the way

Me, Ruby and Alfie are off to spain

Meanwhile, Easy is speeding around in his boat and Doggy is threatening let loose his dogs of war.

Alfie is newly initiated in the FBI (Feline bureau of investigation)  and we have Ruby‘s super tracking skills, so between us we will hopefully find her soon.