hot thursday

This week has been very quiet for me, it’s so hot I’ve spent most of the days sleeping in front of the fan (as you saw from yesterday’s post). Last night there was only 6 of us in class, where usually there are at least 15.  We had most of the lesson outside but had to go in for our recalls. Here’s me and my buddy Oz. The dog who’d been sitting between us was doing his recall so we tried to reach each other to have a play, sadly our peeps stopped us. They spoil all our fun.


A little camping update: We set up our tent in a friend’s garden and I didn’t try to escape or freak out in anyway – always a good sign. But it was as hot as hell inside so we’ve decided to postpone our overnight trial until we get cooler weather. Thanks for all your tips and advice though, they’ll certainly come in handy:-)

It seems many of our buddies aren’t well at the moment. So first of all big healing hugs to my bestie Mollie who’s hurt her paws. My thoughts also go out to Nylablue who’s very poorly, love to you. Please get well xxx