Yesterday when I was out walking with my buddy Sebastian we met up with Alfie, a rottweiler puppy. I’ve seen him before when I was out with daddy but I got to introduce him to mummy too.  He’s grown twice as big since I saw him last. He’s absolutely adorable with massive paws and is such a well behaved little guy. I know we’re going to be great friends when he gets bigger.



2014-02-02 10.02.15

wanna join our pack??

He was a bit wary of playing with me and Sebastian at first, so hung back to watch.

am I brave enough to join in?

Not sure I’m big enough to play like that yet

But he started to get a bit braver, first by taking a small dip in the stream and then joining us for a game of ‘chase me, I have the stick’ 🙂

2014-02-02 10.17.37I know Rottweilers haven’t always had the best reputation, but we all know it’s about the owner. I just wish that anyone who is nervous about rotties could meet Alfie as they couldn’t help but fall in love with him. Daddy was close to pupnapping him lol.

Did you make any new friends today?

WW: Running with friends

I'm going to catch you Harry!

I’m going to catch you Harry!

Back to work:-(

Mummy is back to work today, she’s not really happy about that. But as she didn’t win the lottery it’s back to the grindstone for her. On the plus side daddy now works shifts so I should be able to meet up with my buddy Sebastian fairly often. During the past two weeks I’ve seen him everyday. This has been great for both of us: I’m allowed off lead to play with him and all the running around wears us both out. Mummy and daddy say I’m a bit of a bully,  but he’s bigger than me so I have to show him who’s boss:-) And he keeps coming back for more so obviously he enjoys it. Sorry for all the noise in the background that’s daddy and Sebi’s mummy arranging our next playdate.

While I’m playing with Sebi, mummy has taken Bashful to work with her and plans to show him some of West London. I’ll be back with news of that tomorrow.

Christmas catch-up

I had a lovely Christmas, and I hope you did too.

When I last posted, the weather had been bad. But by the evening of Christmas eve, it had calmed down alot. So daddy suggested we drive to Brick Lane to get some bagels for Christmas morning. Brick Lane is in East London, I’m not sure how well known it is outside of London but it’s the place to go for a curry. But more than that, it’s the home of an amazing 24-hour jewish bakery. We met some of daddy’s friends there which was fun.

Then Christmas day we went to the park for a walk before heading to nanny and grampy’s and I bumped into my buddy Sebastian. He’s a landseer and I had great fun playing with him. I saw him again on the 26th and we met up again today, how cool is that! The rest of the day was was filled with presents, Christmas dinner and a dinosaur bone for me:-)

Then Boxing day my doggy cousin Dizzy came over and we chased each other all over the place. The only thing is where she’s a saluki she’s always biting my cheeks and trying to hump me:/

In the meantime, Bashful enjoyed his dinner, got chased by a dalek and showed off his card skills (I think he picked them up from his stay with Easy!)

Here are a few pictures from the past couple of days:

ps. I’m now reading all your blogs through Bloglovin, so if you notice I’ve unsubscribed from your blog, its not that I’m not reading it anymore.

new park friends

Most of my park friends are alot older than me and aren’t fond of playing anymore. Occasionally I see my buddies Ben and Henry who will chase about with me a bit while their sister Mia sits and watches, but I haven’t seen them for a few weeks and  recently the park has been very quiet.

Ben, Henry and Mia

Ben, Henry and Mia

However, today I made a new friend, plus saw my buddy Sebastian who I haven’t seen for AGES!

First of all here’s Daisy a little Staffy, she’s super cute and although I sat on her face a few times she kept coming back for more:-)

2013-06-10 17.59.22 We had superfun together.
2013-06-10 18.00.36

And here’s my buddy Sebastian, he’s a Landseer. He’s also younger than me, makes me look small right BOL.

2013-06-10 18.05.57 Isn’t he handsome!
2013-06-10 18.05.44I hope I get to play with them both again soon:-) Did you see any friends today?