Mallies vs Sibes

I’m often mistaken for a Sibe and after a few months of repeating ‘she’s a malamute’ and explaining the differences between the two breeds, mummy and daddy have now got bored of the speech and sometimes they just nod and smile.

The main difference between us is that I’m bigger as I’m built for endurance while Sibes are sleeker as they are built for speed. Most people don’t appreciate the difference till they see Mallies and Sibes next to each other. This was posted on fb a while ago by It’s a Malamute and it really highlights the difference (although that Mallie does seem particularly big to me!):

example of a Mallie and Sibe

which ones which?? lol

The funniest times have been when I’ve met Sibes and the owners have assumed I’m also one and the reason I’m the bigger of the two is that I must be a boy (I’m not!) and/or I must be fully grown (nope – I still need to grow into my ears!).

While randomly looking up something yesterday I stumbled across the below infographic, which is a great representation of the differences between us and inspired me to write this post. I’ve wanted to write something about Mallies and Sibes for a while and the below illustration really sums up everything I wanted to say.

I’m not Sibe-bashing, they are lovely too. But I’m a Mallie:-)


Apologies for stealing this infographic to whoever created it, but am happy to give credit to whoever you are.

ps, don’t forget to keep voting for Rumpy in the World Spay Day Pageant – he’s a mallie too:-)