SW: long walk with Lady

Today we went on a lovely long walk with my buddy Lady. We walked in the pouring rain, we got chased by scary cows, we stomped through farmer’s field (on a public footpath) and overall got nice and muddy!

Although there were some breaks in the weather, when it rained, it came down pretty heavily. Mummy and Lady’s daddy dressed appropriately for the weather, while daddy wore shorts and a tshirt lol. And he says I’m silly.

Because of the rain, mummy didn’t take the camera and the photos she took on her phone were pretty poor, but here are a few anyway.

Did you go for a nice walk today?
sundya walks


We got to training class early last night and as only me and Lady were there, our humans let us off our leads so we could play together:-) I think I’ve mentioned Lady before, but to recap: she’s a sleek husky-shepherd cross. She didn’t used to like me as I had a crush on her boyfriend Finn, but since I’ve lost interest, we have become friends.

Anyway, here is a video of us playing. This is not for the fainthearted, we play rough:-) It may look like we’re trying to eat each other but I promise no dogs were harmed in the making of this footage!: