WW: Long Grass

misaki in the grass


Auction fun!

My bestie Mollie is hosting an auction to raise money for her friend Mabel from CreekHiker. She has gone over the bridge but her mummy has been left with huge vet bills to pay. Mollie is calling on donations, so I’ve decided to offer up my daddy’s mankini! You may remember it from my recent trip to the beach.


Sexy, right?! Anyway, if you want to get your paws on it, it’ll be up for grabs in Mollie‘s auction. You can find out more over at her bloggy.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few pics of me from over the weekend playing in my nanny’s garden

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I had loads of fun rolling around in the grass:-) What did you get up to this weekend?


I think I’ve mentioned that often in the park I see Peggy, a three-legged terrier who often growls and barks at me (see my post called Bad).

Well anyway, I was jumping through the lovely long grass having a great time and along came Peggy with her human. I was wary at first as I have tried many times to befriend Peggy but she doesn’t seem interested. So today instead of barging up to her I stayed back and let her come to me. It worked! Peggy sniffed me and for once hardly growled and didn’t try to bite – not that I mind tbh, she’s so small I doubt she’d even be able to get through the fur on my neck! It went so well that we even had a little run around together. Yay friends at last 🙂

Wish my mummy had taken a photo of us together. Its typical: she takes ones of my rolling in fox poo, but not one of me and my new friend Peggy. Ah well, maybe next time.

temperature’s rising…

The summer is finally here!! But Daddy is flaked out in front of the fan and says its too hot to play 😦

Its supposed to hit 28°C this afternoon – wow! It wasn’t too bad this morning as the grass was wet in the park so I had a lovely roll around and got nice and dirty, especially as there was fox poo around hehe. Mummy wasn’t too impressed though.

Keep cool everyone!



This weekend has been filled with glorious sunshine, and despite my reputation of being a snow dog, I’ve discovered I really like sunbathing. My humans think I’m mad, but I’ve really been enjoying myself basking in the garden – heaven 🙂

The grass has shrunk again though!  There was a funny noise in the garden and when I went out there, the grass was really short. I don’t understand why it keeps happening. I love rolling in the long grass, why does it go away?? I’ve heard that aliens make something called crop circles, but this is a square and there aren’t any patterns in it, so I don’t think it can be aliens – right? Its so weird! Hope I figure it out one day.

My human daddy is on holiday this week, which I’m really excited about. I hope he’ll play football in the garden with me – I can now get the whole ball in my mouth so I should be able to keep him from getting it. But its fun letting him try 😀

last few days

I’ve had a strange few days, mostly because my human mummy has had something called a cold. It seems to involve her nose being wet, talking with a funny voice and making weird noises into tissues. The best thing about it is that she stayed home from work on friday, and we snuggled on the sofa together for most of the weekend<3 I hope she stays cold forever:-)

Then on saturday, the grass shrunk! I still don’t understand what happened to it, but my human daddy says with the amount of rain we have, it will soon grow back. Does that mean it fell out?? I’ll definitely have to keep an eye on that in future.

And yesterday, when my human mummy and I came back from our walk, we found ourselves locked out! She’d forgotten her keys and my daddy wasn’t answering the door. Would we have to live in a cardboard box?? Luckily after lots of knocking and calling, he finally answered. Apparently he’d fallen asleep! What a silly billy!

Today mummy went back to work:-( She still talks funny, but luckily my daddy is on holiday. He needs to wait in for the new dishwasher, which I find a bit offensive as I thought it was MY job to lick all the dishes…! Anyway, hopefully he won’t fall asleep and forget to feed me. Now that could be disastrous!