Cutting the grass

It’s been super hot here in the UK and our garden quickly went from a mud slide to a jungle!

Daddy said he would attack it with the mower, but he didn’t and the grass grew and grew out of control. I’m pretty sure it almost reached the sky! But as well as being super long, my toys started to get lost in it and I was worried I’d never see them again.

So finally mummy took it into her own hands and cut the grass herself. It took aagges. And when she was finally done she found all my lost toys AND my bone. Yay!

DSC_0033I was so happy to find it, can you tell??

Have you found anything recently you thought was lost?

New fence

Mummy has taken the week off to run some errands and catch up with friends spend time with me – yay! I’m so happy, especially as daddy is off for a couple of days too.

Today we got a new fence. Our old one was falling apart and although it had a great peep hole in it for me to look into our neighbour’s garden, apparently that’s not polite. So it had to go. Once it was delivered mummy and daddy had to slot the panels in place. I wasn’t allowed to help as daddy was afraid I’d show mummy up, so mummy got to be daddy’s inept helper.


Me checking our the old fence

Surprisingly enough they did manage to install it and daddy only has one bruise, which isn’t bad going.


I suppose this smells ok

Our new one is a bit taller than the old one and I’m worried it’s going to stop me from seeing what the neighbourhood cats are up to. Perhaps I can make a ladder out of the old fence?

How do you keep an eye on what your neighbours are doing?

WW: Feather on my nose


You might think it’s odd that I’m on the lead in the garden. This was taken at my uncle Andrew’s new house and he has a hole in his fence, hence the lead.

WW: He’s watching me


Can you see him? He’s watching me from the top of our neighbour’s shed! I’ll just sit here until he’s gone.


Cat Watch

Apologies to my kitty friends, but the cats in my neighbourhood are taking the fur!

For the past few nights they’ve been trespassing in my garden and I am not a happy doggy. The worst thing is as soon as daddy lets me out to explain the property rules to these disrespectful  moggies, they run off like they are playing knock-down ginger!

So I’ve decided to sleep in the garden tonight with a spotlight and a water pistol to teach them a lesson. Now I’ve just got to convince daddy to let me stay outside and to find a water pistol that doesn’t require thumbs to operate it. Any ideas where I can get one??


Mummy can you bring my bed out to the garden please? I could be here a while

Have you ever had trespassers in your garden??



Yesterday we had a lovely spring day. It was a little chilly (approx 7°c), but it wasn’t raining and it wasn’t overly windy. It made such a nice change from the horrible weather we’ve had of late. When lazy mummy and daddy finally took me to the park it was teeming with kids and fair-weathered dog-walkers.

When we came home, I disappeared. I wasn’t in any of my favourite spots. When mummy eventually found me, I was in the garden like this:


Soaking up the sun

OK yes, I might be snowdog but I can’t resist a good sunpuddle:-) Mummy and daddy are always saying that I’m part cat, well I guess this proves it BOL

They then went out and I had to stay home. But as a parting gift they left me half a loaf of bread – wasn’t that nice of them! When they got back there was some moaning about how I’d eaten it all. But they obviously meant for me to have it as they put it on the kitchen counter within easy reach. I think they are both loosing the plot lol.

ps. Barkarama currently have a competition to win 2 tickets to Crufts. You can enter here:

WW: Come back kitty!

DSC_0436I want to play with you!!

Cats on a wet shed roof!

The other day two cats decided to have a catgress on our neighbour’s shed. I knew it was a catgress because Nerissa mentioned these special meetings cats have in a post the other day.

I was very interested in what they had to say, but they very loudly meowed me away – how rude!

Daddy took this picture of me trying to dog-wig on their convo. Sadly it shows the woeful state of our garden which has been devastated by me the amount of rain we’ve had recently.

misaki stalking cats


This morning a cat walked along the back fence of my garden. Apologies in advance to my kitty friends, but that cat was trespassing! And I couldn’t have that.

Instead of moving on quickly, this cat decided to taunt me by giving me an evil glare, poking its tongue out*  and nonchalantly tip-toeing across the fence and onto our shed. The gall!

Mummy was too slow with the camera, so here’s a pic of me afterwards watching in case it came back

I was outraged at its behaviour! So I took a mighty leap intending to follow it and force it to apologise. But the shed is quite high and I misjudged the jump. I fell straight into mummy’s planter. Ouch!

Sorry mummy, looks like your flowers got a bit squished

And worst of all the cat got away!

You better not come back into my garden Mr Cat. I’ll be watching for you!!

*this may not be entirely accurate

RIP Gerry

Gerry the giraffe has been a friend of mine for a while. This is a pic of us together when I was about 10 weeks:

Anyway, last night I left him in the garden on guard duty in the garden.

But this morning I have woken up to the most terrible sight, he’s been lobotomized!!

I can only assume those evil birds came back (see my post called Break in??) and pecked the stuffing out of him!! This is terrible.

Mummy has since removed all of his stuffing so he doesn’t leak everywhere, put poor Gerry is just a shadow of his former self, he will never be the same again:-(

RIP Gerry you were a faithful friend. Curse you evil birds!