50 unread emails

I subscribe to a lot of blogs and opt to receive new posts by email, whether directly or through Bloglovin. Some days I open my emails and zoom through all the posts and the comments on my blog. But over the past few days, my inbox has remained at 50 unread messages. I’m pretty sure I’ve read thousands of posts and replied to hundreds of comments. And I STILL have 50 unread emails. GAH!

So while I attempt to catch up, don’t forget to pop over to see Henry at My Three Moggies, its his 6th birthday today and is having a contest to find the perfect birthday cake!

And if you get a chance, check out Cat’s post about wonderful doggies, you might see a familiar face in the line up 🙂

And lastly there are some photos of me on the BIG GSD forum from the funday I went to at the weekend. You can see them here: http://s10.zetaboards.com/biggsd/topic/7449740/5/ you many have to scroll down a bit. This one is my favourite:

misaki looking scaryHow scary is that lol. Luckily I didn’t scare Autumn off, as you can see she’s poking her tongue out at me:-)

Have a great Friday everyone!


Funday photos

There are some photos of me on the BIDGSD website from the funday I went to last week: http://s10.zetaboards.com/biggsd/topic/7395176/12/

I’ve posted a few of my favourites below


















Yesterday there was a funday at our local kennels. It was raining so it was muddy and I had lots of fun squelching around. There were loads of dogs, some I knew from training class, and some I hadn’t met before. They all had their humans with them so it was quite busy.

There were stalls selling treats and toys, and they had auctions and competitions. My humans put me in for best pup and prettiest bitch, but I didn’t win. Daddy said I was robbed. But I didn’t really care because they bought me a new kong, loads of treats and even a recipe book so they can make me some treats themselves. All in all it was a good day 🙂

Me and mummy at the Dog show