Yesterday I *may* have rolled in something that smelled divine. Mummy and daddy weren’t too impressed though, they said I was stinky. I thought I smelt amazing.

2014-04-13 10.36.25

can you see that dark spot on my neck?

They weren’t looking forward to giving me a bath so they took me to the pond to try and wash it off.

2014-04-13 11.03.26

I had great fun splashing around in the water, not only to clean up, but to cool down too. They thought the smell had gone until later in the day when I was sitting next to daddy. He got a whiff of my divine new perfume, he didn’t seem to like it though. He’s now threatening me with the B word – oh the horror!

Do you like to roll in smelly things?

temperature’s rising…

The summer is finally here!! But Daddy is flaked out in front of the fan and says its too hot to play 😦

Its supposed to hit 28°C this afternoon – wow! It wasn’t too bad this morning as the grass was wet in the park so I had a lovely roll around and got nice and dirty, especially as there was fox poo around hehe. Mummy wasn’t too impressed though.

Keep cool everyone!