World Cup!

2014-06-09 17.54.32

As it’s the World Cup, I thought I’d show off my ball skills. Which mostly involves me trying to fit as much of it in my mouth as I possibly can LOL

Good luck to England tonight, I suspect you’re going to need lots and lots of it lol

WW: Yoga

In honour of Stella’s birthday, here’s me doing expert level yoga:-) Don’t try this at home!

Happy birthday Stella!


WW: Football



Yesterday i was soooo hungry that I munched my football!!


So today mummy bought me a brand new one – hooray!

nice and shiny:-)

hmm…doesn’t quite fit in my mouth yet…

getting there


mummy, you bought me more than one, right?


This weekend has been filled with glorious sunshine, and despite my reputation of being a snow dog, I’ve discovered I really like sunbathing. My humans think I’m mad, but I’ve really been enjoying myself basking in the garden – heaven 🙂

The grass has shrunk again though!  There was a funny noise in the garden and when I went out there, the grass was really short. I don’t understand why it keeps happening. I love rolling in the long grass, why does it go away?? I’ve heard that aliens make something called crop circles, but this is a square and there aren’t any patterns in it, so I don’t think it can be aliens – right? Its so weird! Hope I figure it out one day.

My human daddy is on holiday this week, which I’m really excited about. I hope he’ll play football in the garden with me – I can now get the whole ball in my mouth so I should be able to keep him from getting it. But its fun letting him try 😀