Techie Thursday

Mummy isn’t really a techie, but she’s usually OK with computers – not as good as me obviously. Mummy says I’m a computer genius as I can lay my head on the keyboard of her laptop and somehow switch off her wifi, or type with my mouth as I pant. I’ve also been known to delete files and occasionally hit the shut down button! Impressive, right?

But this week it has been mummy causing the problems. First of all my auto feed to fb and twitter wasn’t working (pretty sure that was her fault), then she published an unfinished post (oh the horror!) and lately she’s been posting things on my fb page as her rather than me. I mean seriously, what is going on!? Although tbh Daddy is no better: I met the cutest husky x collie puppy on our walk yesterday. Where are the pics you might ask? Well daddy didn’t take any! I mean, what does a dog have to do to get some decent staff??

Mummy is frantically trying to redeem herself by sorting out some long-overdue awards. So here we go:

First of all thank you to Nylablue for the Field of Flowers award


I would like to give this to some friends in the US that are longing for Spring:





If you also live in the US and are plagued by snow. Send your snow my way and help yourself to this award!

And next is the Sunshine Award from both Nylablue and Marty the Manx – thank you both


I’m going to give this to some of my UK buddies. For every spring day we’ve had, we seem to have double the amount of rain. Bring on some sunshine! (you can tell mummy helped me write this as I quite like rain myself)

Hutch a Good Life

Mollie and Alfie

My Three Moggies


Molly the wally

If you live in the UK – or anywhere else for that matter – and are bored by the rain, then please help yourself to this award.

I think we’re up to date at last! I’m going to head over to Sammy’s now to find out the latest from the moon trip. I’m hoping to discover whether the moon is made of Edam or Leerdammer. What do you think?