Weather warnings and haggis

Everyday this week the weather report has changed. Earlier in the week there were severe weather warnings reported for this weekend and we were told that there would be more snow today, but here in Essex it looks like the most we might get is rain:-( Mummy is happy about this as our snow has mostly turned to ice and she’s slipping all over the place on our walks and whingeing loads. Sigh. Humans – can’t live with them, can get bellyrubs and treats with out them! Personally I’m hoping for more snow – but I guess you’re not surprised by that!

She did however help me with my facebook page so I guess I forgive her for moaning so much BOL. BTW thanks everyone for ‘liking’ me:-)


Me and mummy having a little cuddle

Whether we get snow or not, today is also Burns night, and although we’re not Scottish, we celebrate anyway – you’re probably starting to realise that we jump on the bandwagon for most festivities! Apparently we get to eat haggis – or at least they do, but I’m hoping to try some:-)

Will you be having haggis for dinner?


Playing catch-up

Oh dear, with all my playing in the snow I haven’t had a chance to visit all of your bloggies, but I hope to get round to see you all soon!

Meanwhile, Mollie has made this pawesome Mousemat of me – how cute is that! She can make one of you too, just drop her a line.

Misaki mousemat

Misaki mousemat

My new friends and Purrime Ministerettes Shiva and Jaya are hosting Question Time on the 1st Feb and I need to think of some impawtant questions to ask them…perhaps I should ask when it’s next likely to snow?? If you think of any good ones, do drop them a line.

And the other thing is I’ve finally joined facebook! Which means I no longer have to use mummy’s account (she’s just jealous cos I have more friends than her BOL). Anyway, you can find me at:  It’s a little bit bare atm but will add some more content soon. I’ll try to sort out a widget-thingy as well to link to it from my bloggy.

Have a great Thursday all!

Mutts in Distress

Mutts in Distress is a small animal charity located at Normandale Kennels, in Little Hallingbury on the Hertfordshire / Essex Border.

They rescue dogs from the local pounds that would otherwise be destroyed and after assessment and rehabilitation, offer them for rehoming.

The founder of Mutts also runs my training class and many of my friends found their furever homes through Mutts.

Anyway, the reason for my post is that Simply Dog Foods are doing a promotion on facebook whereby they will donate 50g of food to Mutts everytime someone ‘likes’ their page, it’s open for one week starting today. So if you have facebook please could you ‘like’ their page so we can get them some extra kibble?

Many thanks