Award Tuesday

The lovely Speedy has given me this fab award that I haven’t seen before:


Thank you so much Speedy!

And I got this one from both Bacon and Mollie – thanks guys:-)


I would like to pass this awards to the following bloggies:

Dip Dip and the Bridge – for making my fab mini me

Dante – for being an excellent nurse while his mummy’s been ill

Rumpy – who’s recently lost the lovely DeDe

My Pawsitively Pets – for always having fab advice

Love is Being Owned for a Husky – to welcome a new addition to their family

My Three Moggies – who’s had various vet visits recently.

If you don’t already read their blogs, please do stop by and say hello.


In the meantime, Valentine’s day is fast approaching, so don’t forget to send your daddies over to Mollie’s shop to get a gift for your mummy:-)